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Fashion is not necessarily about labels, Its not about brands, Its about something else that comes from within you. Ralph Lauren What does fashion means to me? To me, it’s about creating love, encouraging creativity and confidence within myself. Will you believe it if I say “fashion is like eating”? Sounds funny right? But it’s […]

Goa – Pearl of the Orient.

Goa, the smallest state of India is a dream destination for many. Every year this beautiful state attracts a great number of tourists. Plenty of people dream and plan a vacation in Goa. A majority of people see this state as a hub for parties, night-outs, gambling, and big events. The sad part is that […]

International Day Of Peace

Let us sing together! “I see skies of blue And clouds of white The bright blessed day The dark sacred night And I think to myself What a wonderful world” Song by Louis Armstrong(an abstract) The United Nations International Day of Peace, also officially known as World Peace Day, is annually held on 21 September […]

Happy Teachers Day: Top 10 Traits Of Teachers In India

Happy Teachers Day. The month of September is here, now one of the most important days in this month is Teachers Day. Everyone in this world experiences some funny, amazing, and even serious moments with their teachers In their life. Every person must remember their school days. Everyone loved to go to school. And for […]

Spirituality: scam or staunch?

Spirituality is a power to connect to oneself, inner soul to find peace. This connection embodies in you the thought of wholesomeness, positivity, stillness, passion, patience and belief in goodness. Different artistic works, art and literature try to make one understand the true meaning of a sense of peace. Initially worshipping local gods, spirits were […]

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