They say you don’t need someone and you’re enough alone. But the next moment they are ranting about their day to a person, calling their parents or wondering with whom they are gonna have their lunch with today.

Sigh….the truth is that we humans need each other. I read somewhere that the human body was meant to be with people.The way our hands perfectly fit into each other and the head rests on the shoulders of the other person is a proof that we were meant to be together. 

After all you need someone who pulls the string for you in cat’s cradle, someone with whom you can use the doggy filter ( all time favourite indeed) to click pictures. You need someone with whom you can go on a date with. 

People say they are better off alone and how lovely the solitude is but the saddest part is that no one wants to be lonely , no one wants to be left out …’s just that we accept the circumstances and try to console ourselves by saying I am good on my own. 

Understand that the desire for having a person beside you is not special and it doesn’t make you weak. If you feel the need of a person that’s because you deserve it. 

Even I need someone who can tie my bracelet and apply nailpolish on my right hand. I want the one who can play dumb charades with me. Some activities just can’t be done alone. It is what it is. You can argue with the wall.

As right now…. I NEED you people to shower some love in the comments section.



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One thought on “YOU NEED SOMEONE…

  1. We need strings, held by someone, someone who chooses us daily without any questions without any doubt, the idea of them is so perfect in your head but you two are so parallel to eachother like rays of sun hoping to enlighten each other.

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