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It is this line I recollect from one of my teachers when she said that stagnant water gives foul smell but running water is always welcomed. Metaphorically, this is how our life proceeds. Waking up , doing that 9 to 5 job , coming home and it is over. This is when we are stagnant and not subject to growth and that foul smell resembles the listlessness and that apathetic person inside us who is being dominated by life. Don’t let this happen. There is always a scope of growth and being better than what you are at this point. Try out and explore new things. Do you eat that same boring food everyday? Then why implement this in our life? Bring that enthusiasm and joy which gives you the everyday motivation to rise and shine. Even if you are really good at something but maybe there are places where you can be even better. Don’t limit yourself from finding what else you are capable of and embracing your talents. If you don’t let yourself see outside the confined space which you have enclosed yourself in then how will you know you can do much better which can’t even be thought of. Some years back I wondered that how these poets write such tremendous and heart melting poetries which just touches the soul like a gentle breeze. But when I started writing I felt that nothing is impossible and even I can be one of them. This is a skill which I never thought I had or I would really write poetries of my own. If I believe that I can only either sing or dance then how will I know that I can do both. Search for new experiences, have the curiosity and eagerness to feel things, try grabbing the opportunities ,  put your hands into something different and make everyday interesting so that not just other people but your own self welcomes you like the running water.

Experiencing new things always goes hand in hand with the zeal and avidity to learn and know more. Whether it be a movie, song or a book ….grasp it to the core. Surf about that tree which is there in your locality since ages or how a snail moves or learn how to make an apple pie. Keep learning and searching for things till your last breath. Try to acquire knowledge from people around you as every story holds  different episodes and aspects of life. Don’t order that same dish every time or don’t waste your life wearing those boring clothes everyday. Do stuff that gives you the kick out of it. Try wearing that A line dress which your never had the confidence to wear or see that horror movie at 3 am and feel brave about yourself or go on that solo trip which you have been waiting for so long. Indira Gandhi once quoted that every new experience brings its own maturity and a greater clarity of vision. When we fail at accomplishing something , people say that all our efforts went in vain. But this isn’t true because even if you weren’t successful… you gained the experience of taking part which is worth it and is all yours till the end. You learned something that’s important. You grew…. that’s important. 

Don’t be that person who tells other people that they are being crazy or weird for doing something bizarre or unique and not marching with the crowd. Because in real, they are the ones who are living their life to the fullest and exploring all those things out there which they can. No problem if you ate 3 pizzas alone or you watched the entire 2 seasons in one night……doing these type of activities are a sign that you are alive. Those risks which you take and the uncertainty and fear which you constantly feel in doing new things is what makes us a human. Don’t let it stop you from living your life the way you want to. Go out for a walk at 2 am and feel those chilly winds while gazing upon the stars. These are the things which you live for. Launch your own startup which your dropped because of your own insecurity….even if you fail, you will learn so much. You’ll grow and rise… that’s what matters. James Hetfield said that I’d rather regret something I did than not doing something because remember in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.



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A free-spirited girl who loves to share and reveal the ultimate truths and joys of life through her words. She is an aspiring writer and an amiable person who looks forward to create awareness about life and heal people with her writings throughout the World.


  1. In hard times like these, we really needed this kind of motivation.
    It’s great dude as always.♡♡

  2. A small ray of motivation is all required and once you get motivated you can motivate others it runs faster than even the virus. So keep yourself motivated and motivate others. We will come out of this as winners.
    Very well said Riya. These words help. Stay safe.

  3. fascinating, a huge amount of applause for you
    thanks for motivating us in this condition

  4. Really needed this…✨You always inspire me to be a better person…..❤️These wordssss!!!!! ⚡️⚡️

  5. I always had a dream of road travelling, to places i have never been, to temples i have never seen, guess all of that will be reality one day❤️

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