The journey of Self-Love revolution….

The days come when you sit back and start to unveil the meaning of life in little things. So as usual my friend counselling me ( of course friends being the best teachers ) asked me not to be tensed. So I started to wonder that why this word is “tensed” and not something like “ninesed” or so…like why “ten”? To this I got the answer that its the starting of two- digit numbers that means the starting of interference in digits. I realized that same goes with life…you are happy with yourself then one day some people enter your life, influencing it and producing an interference resulting in a person being tensed.

Why we do things the way these people desire and not how we want it to be? Why we start thinking of how these people will perceive us? Everyone has their own life then why let people interfere with our own. Sometimes we let people hurt and destroy us to the core but we give them the working key of our lives….our behaviour gets influenced on how they treat us. Can we think of how awfully we treat our own self that is more than how these people do to us? Just because we fear losing them we tend to keep them , suffering everything , going through each and every trauma , stress and what not. Its devastating and this is what toxicity is. Its better to miss someone for a couple of months instead of suffering the whole life.

So here comes this question that are we afraid to be alone? Let me tell you , you are never alone you have your back with you. No one will be with you forever but this soul is yours permanently. You are the one who will wipe your tears, console yourself and rise again. Love yourself first. Once you start enjoying your life alone there’s no one who can destroy you or disrupt your happiness. Just for the sake of people we forget about ourselves and try to be pleasing before others eye. What’s the need? Nothing. We get unhappy when we don’t get the love we give so why not we give that part of affection to ourselves. Give yourself enough warmth that you don’t need it from anyone else. Detach yourself from people who bring you more pain than peace.Your heart desires the most amount of love and kindness from you.

You are enough alone. You have nothing to prove to anyone.


Secondly, this goes the same on the other side as well. Just for the matter of staying don’t let people make an imaginary world with you. Distance yourself if you can’t give the love back , don’t let the other person go through a mental breakdown. Don’t make ruinous promises if you can’t fulfill it. Offer what you can give genuinely. This is what we call a selfless person when we have empathy for others and can understand that how we influence their lives whether in a positive or a negative way. 

One more significance of ” ten ” is that its the first 2 digit number ….ever thought why most of the times first love does not remain the last because when we love for the first time…we do it endlessly, unconditionally without any fear, breaking all the boundaries. We give a whole part of us to other people including the love you need to keep with you. There is no balance between what you ought to give to others and what you need to keep with yourself. Just think when at the moment  we can’t love our own self then how we can do it for others. That’s where we fail.

If you don’t love yourself, nobody will. Not only that, you won’t be good at loving anyone else. Loving starts with the self.


But after this we rise , learn from the past ,things take the right turns , we are able to balance ourselves and that’s why this number 10 doesn’t reappear in the number set. Yeah, there will be times when some ” ten thousands” will come in your lives but till then you will know how to cope up with it.

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  1. Love the way you write.wish you all the best for all your future blogs. Keep up the good work😍😍

  2. I like the way you have have so many faces. This may help in some face of life

  3. This was sooo relatable and I guess every single person could relate to this.
    Beautiful as always ♥️💯

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