For all the laughter that lies ahead…

Is there supposed to be a limit on our happiness? Do we need to control our emotions?

They said, “you laugh a lot.” Yes, I did… because maybe I was a jolly person and I loved to see and admire the slightest good and joy in things around me. Smile is the prettiest accessory anyone can wear. Then why there was a ‘lot’ in it…..I got mocked for it. Yes, you read it right. A smile or a laugh was made fun of…why because maybe they didn’t have the capability to laugh or smile the way I did even when I was going through a lot of things happening in my life. I was fighting with myself keeping a constant smile throughout. It wasn’t fake at all as others would say…In my view, it was genuine… probably because I felt happy seeing my scars reminding me of the battles I fought on my way here. People who make fun of someone’s way of laughing are the worst kind of people as they are blind towards beauty because nothing in this world can beat the beauty of smile whether it was a human or a hyena or whatever. 

Were people jealous of me?….No, they lacked their self- esteem and courage which overshadowed their smile and they sat there wondering that how this person could laugh so much. I can assure you that those were the people who were never satisfied with their lives, never romanticised the idea of living happily , never  felt the craze of finding something unique or just falling for someone else’s laugh. They lacked the joy which I possessed when I would laugh at my own self for doing ridiculous stuffs. I would make my own jokes and scenarios in head  and burst out laughing at it. I played the role of a self entertainer. These people surely didn’t have the guts of laughing at their own self nor they were independent because they needed something to be happy. They were dependent on people and situations to happen for bringing out their smile. Damn why? Why I needed a reason to laugh? Can’t we make this smile independent of everything and just keep its key with us.

I was not taken seriously….the reason behind it was of course the same that I laughed a bit more than them, how can someone misinterpret between these two so different things is a mystery in itself. What if I say that actually they were the ones who were not serious about their lives and wasted their precious days trying to evade. Why I had to control my smile or be serious every time? What was the point of living like that? They made me wonder that it was a mistake to laugh.

I have seen what a laugh can do. It can transform unbearable tears into something bearable, even hopeful!”


But now as I grow older …..I feel it wasn’t my mistake and I am damn sure about it because now when I see my younger self …I find peace , I find that happiness which now I crave for inside me. Today , when the bonds are fragile, trust is lacking, fear of being left out and lonely horrifies us …..I find that it was worth it. I fear that this smile is fading away and it doesn’t get snatched from me because I want to be the same , the same me who was a self entertainer and who never gave her key of happiness in someone else’s hand. At last I believe in the saying that you don’t stop laughing because you grow old but you grow old because you stop laughing.

The biggest irony which I need to tell you all is that now when I don’t laugh as I did and sometimes just fake a smile which once used to be genuine….same people who told me that you laugh a lot …tell me that you cry a lot. So don’t be with people who put a limit to your happiness but instead live with the ones who tell you to come up with it and  smile a bit more because they find it beautiful and give efforts to keep that charm constantly there.

Once Pablo Neruda said that laughter is the language of soul. Its a language which connects people, feels like an instant vacation, is the best therapy, brings hope to life , dosen’t stop the rain but allows us to keep going and teaches us a way to love ourselves. You have been given a life to live….the greatest gift in itself , then why not to just simply smile and laugh ✨


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A free-spirited girl who loves to share and reveal the ultimate truths and joys of life through her words. She is an aspiring writer and an amiable person who looks forward to create awareness about life and heal people with her writings throughout the World.

14 thoughts on “For all the laughter that lies ahead…

  1. So true… Every time you laugh your heart out you not only increase your life but also cherish those movement… And as you grow old you tend to fake it most of the time.
    It’s better to have ppl around you who make you laugh and don’t laugh at you instead for being childish sometimes. Never kill the child within you…

    Great work Riya💕

  2. Hey!! I still remember your smile. It really looks great on you..Your smile is just woow..❤… the line ‘you don’t stop laughing because you grow old but you grow old because you stop laughing.’ is true. I hope you will never leave that beautiful 😍 smile…..!!!!
    Personally speaking…it’s true that I love your smile…even I tried to smile like u……Anyone copies U it means that u have some specialty…So please never loss that specialty….keep smiling 😃

  3. Very good work
    Well done….😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  4. Saddlllyyyy u penned down my words.😭
    But they were more better choosen than me.
    Welllllll doneeee really lovedd it.
    Or chaiye aese😤

  5. Woowwww, that’s really good, and really appreciable
    Your thought was natural, which i liked the most 💚💚
    Your are extremely creative, embrace it✨

  6. Awesome Riya Dubey, you wrote everything so well. Your English is just fabulous, outstanding. Pls keep on writing these good articles and blogs, it can change many life.

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