Approve yourself….P.S. You are not at fault!

To the ones who hold themselves responsible for every lost bond……

I know you criticize yourself daily and lie down on your bed every night wondering whether it was your fault that you didn’t understand them or gave them an another chance or it was you who gave up because you were exhausted and hurt awfully. You hold yourself in regret everytime you see their pictures because your heart knows that you wanted them to the core. To all the people who consider getting attached, falling in love or trusting someone as a mistake because it shattered you to pieces……let me tell you, feelings come naturally to us. 

You are not at fault if it didn’t work out when you wanted it to as you did what you could. You are not at fault if you can’t make a person happy even after giving all the love you had inside you. Its okay if your efforts don’t reciprocate back. That person will never find you enough who doesn’t have a destiny with you. It doesn’t conclude that you are incapable of loving or you have a flaw.

 You are guilty of things that were not in your hands in the first place. Whatever you did was for your own good. You tried to sort things, forgive and made efforts till the last for those bonds. You didn’t choose the wrong set of people because at first they were all what you needed. Self doubt is not the option because it ends up making you hate yourself. Sometimes its not meant for people even if you do million of attempts. Nobody is right or wrong , its just the circumstances. Even if someone considers you wrong just know that everyone is an evil in someone’s story. Nobody knows what the other person is going through. You can’t blame anyone here.

Once Louise Hay said that remember when you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try appealing of yourself and see what happens. Believe your fortune…something better is waiting for you. Let it go happily and keep those wonderful gifts , letters, texts saved in your heart forever. At one point of time it was all worth it. 

And last but not the least….. always remember that you are the hero of your story.

With love, someone who feels your pain.

Letter by Riya Dubey❣️

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11 thoughts on “Approve yourself….P.S. You are not at fault!

  1. Its bcoming difficult to write compliments with same level as your thoughtful blogs……..outstanding✨✨💛

  2. You know you have just written a thing which is engraved deep down in the reality beyond the world of fakeness.,
    I believe in it and whoever experienced the same thing would believe too😶.

    1. It’s becoming harder and harder for me to express my feelings towards I have no words to express myself❣️❣️

  3. It’s becoming harder and harder for me to express my feelings towards I have no words to express myself❣️❣️

  4. Everything you want, you get is only when you start believing in yourself. obviously you need to put effort sometime need moral support to succeed But the effort the time you put in something is fruitful only when you start believing in that. Nothing which you are doing can be big or make you happy till you believe in them. Even to pull of something by luck you need to start it with a belief of succeeding.

    Thanks for such lovely story which will help each and everyone who reads these kind of story. I just love your writing. Amazing 👌.

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