Today, I have come forward with a significant topic which needs to be circulated. I wanted to talk about how people get judged on the basis of their age and not their capabilities. Something which needs our special attention.

You must have heard or yourself experienced that when you were young , people came and demotivated you that you can’t do something or the other because you weren’t mature enough or you can’t understand even if you did.People passing comments like ” she acts more than her age ” should know that it isn’t up to the person. Its about the situations he/she has faced. Those experiences make us who we are.

Once a student of class 10th used to teach in our school but the teachers didn’t pay heed to him. The reason behind this is because he could do something more efficiently which they were doing at that age. I remember when we would go to our school library and the librarian wouldn’t let us read books saying those are meant for senior classes and I wonder why he thinks we can’t?  Numerous times I have interacted to people and as soon as they get to know I am much smaller than their age , they stop talking as if I am dumb.

People think that listening to youngsters will make them feel dumb as they get insecure but there’s nothing to feel like this. For example. In Today’s generation , children are more tech-savvy than their parents as they are born in this era. Its nothing to be shy of. Children suffering from depression and anxiety are told that it isn’t the age for all this but I think the situation has changed and we need to change our minds. Anyone can be a victim of this.

Vice versa when old people are expected not to do certain things as it is not for their age. If someone wants to marry again it isn’t approved by the society. They are told not to behave childish. Let me tell you that being a grown up isn’t a barrier to your wishes, dreams and fantasies. What’s the problem in the first place? Secondly , you are the one who decides what you wanna do. You aren’t obliged to anyone.You can’t and and you shouldn’t remove the child inside you.

I remember our teacher saying that why we children sing songs of the 80 s on teacher’s day thinking they all listen to the old songs and not the new ones. I realized that how we have stereotyped things in these little actions we do. We think they aren’t of our generation and can’t help us in anyway but in real some of the most understanding people are from the elder generation only.
I must say that being small doesn’t confer that our thoughts are supposed to be limited every time or we can’t have experiences. Maybe there is a child who lost his parents and now he takes care of his siblings in a young age so its obvious that he understands his responsibilities. Experiences make us mature and not our age. 

Mark Twain once said ” Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” 

Support us !! Don’t restrict yourself and your children and don’t limit anyone’s learning.  Remember , age is just a number.

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