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Chai pe Charcha- Talk over tea is a common proverb used by every people internationally including Business Man, Politician, Students, or Common Man.

The endless debates about which is better a tea or coffee will go on but the countless tea devotee will look at their favourite “Chai” as the best always.

World celebrates International tea day and United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has promoted it. In 2019, the UN has recognised the importance of the world oldest beverages. It says ” Tea is Integral to many cultures, and it contributes to employment, exports earnings & food security”.

Previously, International Tea Day celebrated on December 15 in tea-producing Nation- Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda, India and Tanzania.

The justification for the UN celebrating on May 21 is that the period of tea production starts in May in most of the tea producing countries.

The day is observed to increase consumption of tea. Therefore, it is not hard to accept that today is a day to appreciate the chai sweethearts around us. In addition, tea has medicinal value and has the potential of bringing health benefits to people.

Here, in India, Chai is an emotion!

From the famous “cutting chai” to “Masala chai”, “Adrak chai”, “Tandoori Chai”, “Lemongrass Chai” (My favourite) etc. bring happiness and reduce stress in our life.

Apart from health benefits, many startups gave the Indian Tea Market a modernised appeal. It helps in creating an identity for those who could not study further.

There will be many examples in India who opened tea stall for their daily earning. But very few turned in as a successful career.

One of those is Prafull Billore, a 20-year-old boy, he made his turnover of 3 crores in just 4 years only.

No work indeed is big or small. It is our way in which we execute the work that matters.


Do share your favorite flavors of tea!

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