Fear of not getting sleep

The day never ends,
And the night never falls,
Deadly silence all around,
My eyes are wide open,
Limbs are shivering,
Anxiety has choked my throat,
Fear has chained me up,
Mind is out of control,
Tears are rolling down the eyes.
Tossing and turning in the bed,
Helpless I am,
Hopeless I am,
Tired I am,
Death seem so beautiful at this moment,
No one to call,
No one to text,
Isolated I am,
Feels like a corpse,
Waiting for the leep to save me from the high tides of anxiety,
light has started showing up in the sky,
It is 7am in the morning,
And in my mind the horses are still running on and one,
Self talk is inevitable,
Staring at the ceiling,
I busted up and started crying like someone mourning over the death of a closed one,
Pillows are wet with emotions,
Me tired of fighting the battle,
Finally got some sleep.


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