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Islamic Banking Or Finance

An Egyptian Bank ‘Myt Ghamr’ introduced Islamic Banking in the late 1960s. During an Early-stage it faces many challenges from suspicious to mistrust about their intention. Currently, Islamic finance worth $2.5trillion in the industry. More than 80 countries including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, etc. have Islamic Banking System. The concept of Islamic Banking […]

Forecasting Indicator- Fibonacci Trading

Once, you have understood the candlesticks pattern let’s move our learning towards another indicator named Fibonacci Trading. As the Fibonacci levels are vast, will stick to two – Retracement and Extension. Fibonacci is named after the famous Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. He discovered a simple series of numbers that created ratios describing the natural proportions […]

Technical Indicator: Candlesticks

Japanese Candlesticks Pattern Analyzing market through candlesticks is first discovered by Steve Nison, learned it from a fellow Japanese broker. After hard-core research on candlesticks, steve began to write about it and soon this technique became popular in the ’90s. How’s it works? The below picture will brief about it. Be it any indicator, the […]

Basics of Technical Indicator

Technical analysis is one of the ways to predict the stock market. As it’s vast and can’t be taught all at once, so I will share a few commonly used indicators. Remember, One indicator alone can’t function/applied to understand the fluctuation in the market. It’s advisable to use 2-3 technical-indicators together to cross-verify the future […]

Three types of Analysis – Trade Market

Three types of Analysis acknowledge in the trade market Online Trading, irrespective of market i.e. currency, stock, has 3 basic analyses which are mandatory to analyse the market. While trading, they help to develop ideas to trade the market. Those are: Technical Analysis Fundamental Analysis Sentimental Analysis There has always been a debate/confusion about which […]

Learn Three Types of Forex Charts

Here we’re attending to introduce three kinds of charts that is a gift all told Forex platforms. This helps you to research a market. Line Chart Bar Chart Candlestick Chart Forex Charts Line Chart An easy line chart utilized in technical analysis in trading charts. This is also known as a close-only chart as it plots the price of the underlying security, with a line connecting the […]

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