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Spirituality: scam or staunch?

Spirituality is a power to connect to oneself, inner soul to find peace. This connection embodies in you the thought of wholesomeness, positivity, stillness, passion, patience and belief in goodness. Different artistic works, art and literature try to make one understand the true meaning of a sense of peace. Initially worshipping local gods, spirits were […]

Red September defines me

Hey guys, its been too long! It’s only you guys who keep me moving and jazzed up.  My life these months were so fast, and messed up! I’ve been experiencing new things all this time 🙂 <3 Experiences are a part of my world, and so is “Red September” .

Buddies & Bro’s

Hello everyone, have started this blog with only the purpose of expressing myself choosing intolerance to restrict my thought of grief, sadness, resentment, disappointment and worthlessness towards what was, is & has to be. Relatable thought of OUR’s & others where WE are confined in an unknown golden cave yet pretend to fly. To know […]

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