You are what you eat

Junk Food

As the phrase is self explanatory, there is no need to explain it. But why are we still discussing about this, is a matter of concern. The prevalance of obesity rate in India is around 40%. And you know a lot many die due to lack of nutrition in their body or they end up with some disease. So what is the gap between these situation which is yet to be filled? Its called proper awareness regarding the subject. So this post make you fit mentally. So read everything with proper understanding of the subject. ( Make it short , clear and crisp.) come directly to obesity and any add recent report or national day whose theme was regarding health issues ) .

Junk food eats you back

A lot of new generation kids are craving for the taste of Burger, Pizza, OIly – Airy packed food, etc. They feel even more energetic after drinking aerated drinks. I don’t want to scare you but it will make you sick of obesity. You know they are unhealthy, but you give excuse that it contains vegetable. Please stop that shit right now! Do not forget that it also contains bread which is made up of refined flour. It takes time to digest. It fills your stomach and causes stomach ache. You would think its the time to become aerated. After 1 glass of pepsi you, have successfully uploaded 150 calories after your 295 calories burger. As you keep it doing on a regular basis, you are gaining a lot of sugar and fats. And I fear you would get diagnosed with diabetes one day. Which may also lead to heart disease and kidney failure. (use third person to communicate to the audience, and Refrain from I or me, try to make a direct point and conjugate sentences contains similar inference. (change the above mentioned sentenes)

We gave you only one example. But there are many. You eat packed chips, Kurkure, etc. What are these? These are all junk food because they are useless and make your body a trash can. Just like a trash can lacks useful items, your body will also face deficiency of nutrients which you miss out on cheat days. Our body gets nutrients like Vitamin A, C and E from fruits and vegetables. And each of these has a different role to play. Vitamin A helps strengthen you body’s immune system which helps it to fight back viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C is involved in many functions like tissue and bone strength, growth, etc. ( no relevent information conveyed to the audience, reconsider framing your sentences with data which effectively communicate the idea behind this paragarph)

Nothing will happen to me, I pray! (bad choice of heading , do not relate food with religion, since you’ll have to explain a lot of it )

Some people think that God will help them because they pray them daily. But when you are on your hospital bed right before death, because of lack of nutrents, God could not do anything because you never did anything regarding your health. You just wanted to be cool in front of your friends but, God sees everything. There is 1% chance of him helping you, but, that also depends on you and your will. (exclude the para)

Change your eating habits you will become fit physically, mentally, outside and inside. I know your craving must be fufilled, but you need to start with small goals leading to bigger changes. Lets see how to adapt changes.

  • Firstly make a habit of eating one fruit a week. After one month, go for one per day for 21 days. And BOOM! You will adapt.
  • Make a habit of eating pulses daily. Starting from half cup to full cup slowly and steadily.
  • Do 1 physical and mental exercise daily.
  • Keep challenging yourself for eating raw vegetables. Challanges make you competetive and release adrelin which calms the starve for junk.
  • Do yoga and pranayam daily which will make you calm and satisfied.

You are not what you eat (elaborate )

“Oh my god! Are you crazy? You wasted my whole 5 minutes! Now you are contrasting!” Yes, I heard you. Let me write what I want to. I am saying that that when you eat 1 frankie, you do not become slim and not become giant with 1 giant burger. So don’t have a misconception that you will become fit with good eating habits in one day. You have to start today and keep on following it daily for better results. (refrain from I or me , try to put facts and information to let them undertstand what you want to convey and what they want to know ) . Put reports about eating habits and patterns in one more paragraph)

So, at the end, I would say that many people are not so privelaged of getting healthy and nutritional food. You are lucky to get that stuff daily. Have it and even share it. Don’t waste it. Eat healthy, stay healthy. Avoid junk and save a chunk. ( do not make them feel bad if they cannot afford nutritional food ) change the ending paragraph.0

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