World’s Happiest Country – Finland

World’s happiest country – Finland, and that too it holds the record of securing it for four consecutive years. How strange is that? Doesn’t that ring a bell of curiosity in our minds? What do they do? What do they have that we don’t? How do they stand out from the rest of us? Let’s dive in.

What makes a nation happy?

Money and possessions could bring you materialistic happiness all you want, but what makes a country really happy? It is the contentment and secure life it provides. And that is what Finland does. When looked at from the outside, Finnish people don’t seem as much happy as they are being referred to. They are content with what they have and that is what makes them the happiest. If happiness meant being jolly and partying all day, Finland wouldn’t even make it to the list. 

What makes Finland so striking?

World Happiness report published by Sustainable Development Solution Network ranks Finland the world’s happiest country yet again for the fourth time. While people all over the world were tackling the horrendous pandemic practicing social distancing and safety measures, Finland was cool and laid back following their usual social distancing measures. Long before the pandemic hit us, Finland was so keen on following all those rules, and that is why they happened to be one of the least affected countries. 

The people of Finland are not all that hippy, they are the more reserved and calm type. They maintain peace and harmony with each other and enjoy their life. This provides all of them with a secure environment. Education and medical services are their topmost priority and they provide them for free. They offer the best education system in all of Europe and shape their children to be responsible citizens.


What does it offer?

The best part is that they took extensive measures to eliminate gender and social status inequality issues. Be it poor or rich, they get the best education and health care in Finland. Since they get together so well and live in peace and harmony, the crime rates are very low and there isn’t much to happen here. The freedom, protection and security the country provides make the people trust the country more and more every day. Even a small 6-year-old child makes its own way to school and comes back safely. That is how secure this country is. Everyone is entitled to their own choices and no one here forces anything on anyone. 

Most importantly Finland takes immense pride in saying that they are one of the first countries to bring in the flat working model. Flat working refers to having very few or zero hierarchical levels between the staff and the management. Moreover, they have less supervision which increases work involvement and productivity. In addition to this, Finland is trying its best to eliminate the gender pay gap. This happens to be one of the main reasons for securing first place in the World Happiness Report. 

It is true that Finland is one of the richest countries in Europe. But having a high GDP doesn’t make a country happy. If so US has the world’s highest GDP and yet it is 19th in the happiness report. 


What lures you in?

More than being the happiest country, it is the country’s natural beauty that lures you in. You could so easily get lost in Finland’s beauty. There’s only green and blue everywhere you lay your eyes on. The country is known for its thousands and thousands of lakes, deep, fathomless woods and forests. And because of that, it’s even called “The lake of thousand lakes”. With lakes all around, boats are the only way to explore and enjoy the essence of the place. 

Winters and summers are at their extremes in Finland, and yet it still attracts a lot of tourists. With winter, it’s all ice and snow and it paves the way to enjoy the frozen lake, ice skating, ice fishing and much more. Summers are the best season to enjoy the beautiful lakeside cottages. You could enjoy boating, swimming, canoeing, barbequing and make the best out of the summer holidays. Scorching summer heat, water all around, natural at its best, paints quite a picture, don’t you think? Who wouldn’t want to go there and live the best days of their lives? 

Finland might be the 8th most expensive country in Europe, but it is still worth the travel for all the things it offers us. You could spend your whole life there and still end up missing it the minute you leave. Being born in Finland is indeed a jackpot, that not all of us are blessed with. It’s no wonder that Finland gets to be ranked the world’s happiest country. What more do we want?  

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