World Pharmacists Day

world pharmacist day

On the 25th of September every year, World Pharmacist’s Day is observed all over the world. This day reminds us of the significant role Pharmacists play in imparting healthcare. This day acknowledges all the hard work and effort put in by Pharmacists for patients to get better soon. 25th September was chosen to celebrate this day as in 1912 the International Pharmaceutical Federation was set up. The theme for this year’s Pharmacist day is ‘Trust’. Trust is central in healthcare like in all other sectors of life. For one to get better they have to have a trustworthy bond with their health care professional.

Pharmacists in a nutshell

Pharmacists are healthcare specialists with a degree in pharmacy. We often confine a pharmacist’s job to only be behind the counter dispensing medicines. However, that is not the case as there is a lot more that pharmacists take care of. Pharmacists ensure that patients have the right medication and know the procedure as to how to use those medicines. Pharmacists are different from doctors. Doctors diagnose, treat, and prescribe tests and medicines etc. whereas pharmacists make sure that you have the right prescribed medicines, when to take them, possible side effects or reactions and how to store them.

Pharmacists can easily answer some of our questions and queries about medicines, like what if we miss a dose or if we have any allergic concerns. They have expertise in the ingredients of medicines. Pharmacists are committed that the medicines supply is law-bound that is only legal drugs are sold and prescribed, drugs are in the authorized quantity. They also keep an eye that the medicines are of the best quality. Pharmacists work in pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and also as teachers in universities and colleges. They help us get the best result out of the medicines. They are easily accessible in most places making them approachable health care professionals.

Pharmacists and their part in Covid-19 situation

Pharmacists have always played a critical role in healthcare especially in extreme situations like the COVID- 19 pandemic. They worked on the frontline during the deadly outbreak. Even in strict lockdowns pharmacists did not back away and fulfilled their duties to the best of their abilities. There had been numerous cases of pharmacies providing medicines free of cost or at a low cost during the pandemic, home delivering medications, providing free healthcare advice.

Also, the vaccines that are now widely available to the masses are manufactured and developed by the pharmaceutical industry, this adds to the importance of Pharmacists in the healthcare system. Bharatbiotech and AstraZeneca along with the serum institute of India produced the covaxin and covishield vaccines administered in India respectively. Pharmacies and Pharmacists have played a substantial role in fighting with Coronavirus not just by dispensing medicines and vaccines but also by empowering the people to tackle this situation with confidence. Many Pharmacies are open 24×7 which symbolises their commitment to providing Medicare to everyone.

Ayurvedic healing science is also known as “the science of life”. It roots from the Vedic traditions in India. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian establishment of medicine. Ayurveda follows the principle of “prevention is better than cure”. This is because it focuses on the maintenance of a healthy body that is resistant to illnesses whereas allopathic focuses on getting rid of the disease/illness after it has happened. Pharmacy in Ayurveda has developed as a well-recognized field in India. Ayurvedic pharmacists deal with expertise in Ayurvedic and herbal medicines. Ingredients in Ayurvedic medicines are pretty much all-natural like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Haldi or turmeric, cardamom etc.

How to become a Pharmacist?

To pursue pharmacy in India you can follow the given course of action. Take up Science stream in plus 2, any combination would work, as the first step. Next, you will have to attain an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy. In this you can take up diploma courses, a bachelor’s course or even a 6 year D Pharma. A diploma course of 2 years would allow you to open your own pharmacy; a bachelor’s course would let you work in pharmaceutical companies and labs. To enlarge your knowledge and spectrum you can go further to pursue post-graduate courses; M Pharma allows specializing among the various fields of pharmacy. If one wishes they can go even beyond and pursue a PhD in pharmacy this opens the field of research to us.

This World Pharmacist’s Day let us express our gratitude to all Pharmacists for saving our lives and taking care of us even during the difficult times of the covid-19 outbreak. Pharmacists play a part that is irreplaceable. They are unsung heroes of healthcare providing us medicines responsibly and safely.

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