World Coconut Day

Let’s get into world coconut day. But before that, imagine a classic Piña Colada after a long tiring day. Oh god, doesn’t that sound so refreshing? It is the coconut that does that. The fresh thirst-quenching coconut water. Who wouldn’t want that right? Not just drinks, be it food, cosmetics, household items, coconut has its own way to make things a little more interesting and frisky. To celebrate the greatness of this three in one fruit, nut and seed- coconut, the world celebrates ‘World Coconut Day’ on September 2. 

Importance of World Coconut Day

Every year since 2009, World Coconut day has been celebrated by ‘Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC)‘  to bring out the importance and benefits of coconut. They celebrate it every year to create an awareness to reduce poverty using coconuts. Every year the International Coconut Community (ICC) comes with a theme and conducts various events and meetings to spread their awareness. Members of the APCC are the major coconut producing countries, which contains more than 80 countries in which India ranks up to the 3rd position and Indonesia the first. The headquarters of APCC is in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

In India, the Coconut Development Board (CDB) whose head office is in Kochi, conducts events across the country and presents national awards to all who excelled in coconut related activities. 

Why the name coconut?

Ever wondered, why the name coconut? As anticipated there’s a funny story behind the name’s origin. After the removal of husk, the coconut has three indentations. Ancient Iberian folklore says that when Portuguese and Spanish came across this, it reminded them of a bogeyman or some sort of a mythical character of theirs called ‘Coco’. So they thought it would be apt to call it ‘Coconut’ since it also falls under the category of a nut. 

Tree of life

Rooted to the religious and divine connection as mentioned in our ancient religious texts, the tree of life is called ‘Kalpavriksha’ as it has the ability to fulfil needs and wishes. In Hindu culture, a coconut is broken before auspicious days or before starting a religious ceremony as it is believed that it breaks the ego from all of our hearts and proceed towards a happy beginning. And that is why coconut is celebrated as the divine fruit of nature and it is closely related to Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.

Coconut being the wonder fruit, nut and seed all in one has such a versatile quality. From fulfilling the nutritional needs, improving bone health and metabolism, providing finger-licking dishes, household properties, cosmetic products, refreshing coconut water, to making use of its leaves for roofs, there isn’t any part that goes waste.

Coconuts have also been proven to be used as an alternative for soil. It takes nearly 100 years to form one inch of topsoil. And since the soil is a limited resource, we might even run out of it someday and have to rely solely on coconut for farming and all sorts of soil-related activities. And another important thing coconuts have succeeded to replace are plastic straws. Plastics being the bane to our country’s soil, destroys our lands. Coconuts husks being made into plastic straws could be a great alternative and also they are eco-friendly too. Likewise, coconuts have so many purposes to offer us to make the world a better place.

So as we can clearly see, coconuts are indeed a blessing to all of us and it is in our hands to make the best out of it. 

Ranging from Marco Polo’s mention of coconut as ‘Nux Indica’ in 1280 to being today’s pina colada, coconuts have really come a long way. So on this world coconut day, let us take it upon us to be well informed about all the wonders coconuts can do! Go break a coconut or two! Happy coconut day!

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