Technology- a deeper dive.

Technology has been evolving every day, changing our lives and our world in a way we never imagined. All these innovations have been playing a key role in our daily routine that we now find it difficult to even imagine what life would be without it. It is insane how the clicking of buttons controls a majority of our work. Technology has been a friend and a foe to man.

quote by Christian Lous Lange on Technology.
Quote by Christian Lous Lange

Advantages of technology

Good things first. Let us talk about the advantages of technology. Plenty, isn’t it? It has made our life so much easier than that of our ancestors. We all hear stories our grandparents tell us about how tiresome their lives used to be, how they used to write letters to people who lived far away, how they had to walk miles to reach a place, their mode of working was so different from what we have now. A big thank you to technology and all innovations that we have everything controlled at the tip of our fingers and live a much more comfortable life.  

Technology is Time Saving

In a busy world like ours today, technology is what makes our life so much simpler by helping us perform lengthier tasks in just a couple of minutes, or even seconds sometimes by a few clicks of buttons. May it be doing the laundry or shopping from home; it has made it possible to save plenty of time that would be wasted otherwise.

Easier Communication

It is the technology that has made it much easier to communicate, may it be with someone living just blocks away from us, or with someone living on the other side of the world. It has made it possible to keep in touch with family and friends from all over the world.


Technology has brought in modernism in various fields. It plays such a key role in diagnostics, laboratories, treatment of several diseases, manufacturing various medications, and the list goes on. Let us take a look at our current situation, the pandemic. With the imposing of lockdowns and closing of various institutions, technology helped us carry on with our lives even though we were at home. Online classes, work, and many managements would not be able to function without this. 

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

-Albert Einstein

Disadvantages of technology

Just how every good thing has a bad side to it, technology also has negative effects on our lives. When man starts to use something more than he needs it, or uses it in the wrong way, it leads to abuse and misuse.

Increased dependency on technology.

The first disadvantage we can all agree to is our increased dependency on technology. We are so used to the speed and ease with which our life works, that the absence of technology makes us feel helpless. Our dependency leads to us overusing technology even during times is it not a necessity. This further increases many health issues in individuals, including obesity, eyesight and hearing problems, and others.

A podium for crimes.

The internet that connects people, and brings them together, can also be used as a platform for many crimes. Frauds, illegal content, online abuse are a few examples of the wrongs that can happen on this huge platform. Just how sharing constructive information can benefit young minds, sharing destructive information that could intentionally or unintentionally come across these minds can have an impact on their mentality and behavior.

Social Isolation.

Technology had led to social isolation. Machines operated by a single individual have now taken over group work. Things that could have been purchased physically in a store and by interacting with others are replaced by online shopping.

Reduced brain activity.

While technology eases our simple tasks, it has been affecting the way we use our brains. Although we can perform simple tasks manually, we choose an easy way out. We use devices to complete rather simple tasks like calculations, grammar checks, finding answers, etc. This reduces the way we think, reason out, and our brain’s creativity.

Quote by Alan Moore on technology being good and bad.
Quote by Alan Moore

Take-away message

Everything has its pros and cons, but the effect it has on each one’s life is how you outweigh the pros from the cons. Technology can be truly beneficial to each one if known and used wisely.

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