Spirituality: scam or staunch?

Spirituality: scam or staunch?

Spirituality is a power to connect to oneself, inner soul to find peace. This connection embodies in you the thought of wholesomeness, positivity, stillness, passion, patience and belief in goodness. Different artistic works, art and literature try to make one understand the true meaning of a sense of peace. Initially worshipping local gods, spirits were the way to inculcate the values of compliance and discipline within people for it. Cave paintings and art played an effective way by connecting humankind to them but now it has a new face.

The value which was supposed to instil in people self-belief is the reason for them to lose it. What was supposed to make them fulfilled is now making them restless; they now have faith in everything let alone themselves. People believe that everything lies in the hand of higher power and hence everything will fall in place itself without any effort. They are not searching for peace but rather a mechanism that can fulfil their demands and need. 

Connecting with themselves was the way to no fear, encouraging self-belief, self-love and living life at its fullest by listening to your soul. But ironically it has turned into a system for making mistakes unapologetically and blaming fate for their actions. This has turned into ruining their life, their loved ones and encouraging others to not muster courage rather find peace in other materialistic things. A hole was created which was occupied by fear where people started looking for someone who can connect them to a higher power and sort their difficulties.

New face: Hidden truth

Spiritual gurus were emerged to fill that hole trying to sympathize with them to pull them out of their problems. The role of spiritual gurus is significant in the expansion of spirituality all over the world. Slowly when we get stuck in any aspect of life they seem to give up even if it is a minor problem they immediately turn for them. Hence, The popularity of spirituality opened the gates to fraudulent people, who are only interested in money-making in the name of spirituality because of its popularity.

We started finding abundance in yogis, rishis, gurus, swami, and babas that created a huge following of gullible followers. Follower’s insecurities, faults and low self-esteem and confidence make them easily swayed by their fake promises of removing all hindrances and hurdles from one’s life. They play with the naïve followers’ emotions and give them the advice that they want to hear. They even claim to have supernatural powers to “help” them. These gurus are seen as magicians who give assurance to do “wonders” if their followers pay them. This market of knock off spiritual leaders monetizes and charges their followers for everything; be it entry inside the ashram or be it charges for simply giving advice.

When we talk about spirituality we often mistake it as directly proportional to meditation. This is rather not a confined term but a spectrum carrying with itself an array of meanings. Sometimes people associate it with religious matters and faith, sometimes as a method of connecting with higher-order or having control over one’s spirit, body and mind. Christina Puchalski, an American physician with a deep interest in spirituality, talks about integrating spirituality into mainstream healthcare. She emphasizes bringing spirituality is not just for physical health but also for healing at the end of life.

Positives of being spiritual:

It in fact has innumerable benefits: like health benefits that include mental as well physical health, helps us be more sympathetic and thankful; helps us be more in tune with ourselves, makes us optimistic and gives us a positive outlook towards life. Spirituality and religion are two different terms. There is a thin line of separation between the two. Spirituality is more about connecting yourself to something larger than yourself to find peace, purpose and fulfilment in life. Religion is a systematic bundle of beliefs, systems, attitudes. It also includes practices like rituals, festivals, sacrifices etc it also includes the veneration of god(s) and goddesses. 

Spirituality is about rising above the materialistic life and seeing beyond these things to have a better understanding of ourselves. It helps us reflect upon ourselves and others with a compassionate point of view. Spirituality also includes getting to know ourselves better and gaining insight into the world.

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