Programming For School Students: GitHub, Geeks For Geek

Many school students want to pursue programming as their career. And out of those students, there are a lot of students who want to study coding and programming. And as we all know, that due to the pandemic every school is closed. This makes this time a great opportunity for the students who want to learn to program. However, even if they try to study online. The biggest problem is to get reliable sources from which one can learn or even start their career.
If you are also one of those students, this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you about the two best sites that provides programming for school students. And you even can start your programming career from these places.



About GitHub

GitHub services were created by four different people. Tom-Preston Werner, Scott Chacon, P.J Hyett, and Chris Wanstroth were the ones who created the GitHub Services using a web application framework named Ruby On Rails. The work on this project was started in 2007 and after a year GitHub Service was released. In 2008, February the GitHub service hit the floor and it is located in San Francisco. And since the release, GitHub Service’s people, platform, and products have been creating a lot of positive changes all around the world. As of June 2018, GitHub has reported that they are having over 28 million users and about 57 million repositories. This achievement has made GitHub the world’s largest Host of Source Code.

What Is GitHub?

GitHub is a web-based hosting service that is used for version control. This web hosting service is used by an application named Git. GitHub is mainly used for computer code. However, it also provides a lot of other features as well. GitHub services offer all the distributed version control and even source code management functionality of Git. Along with that GitHub also provides some of its own features.

Some of the features that GitHub provides are access control and collaboration features such as task management, wikis, feature requests, and bug tracking for each of the projects.

GitHub also offers a plan for enterprise, team, pro, and free accounts. Anyone can choose any plan that they think is convenient for them. Moreover, as of January 2019, GitHub offered unlimited private repositories to all the different plans along with free accounts. This one of the best places that provides programming for school students.

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Geeks For Geeks


About Geeks of Geeks

An IIT Roorkee student, who had a dream and an idea of promoting and transmitting the knowledge of the Programming, started this site. Mr. Sandeep Jain was the one who created this service for all the programming lovers out there. Geeks for Geeks was released back in the year 2008. If you love programming, or that is the one thing you think you want to do in life, this is undoubtedly one of the best places for you. Geeks for Geeks is one of the best places out there where you can learn programming. Even if you are a beginner, you can start learning programming with millions of users out there.

What Are Geeks of Geeks?

Geeks for Geeks is a Website that was created in 2018. It was created to provide well-written and explained answers to selected questions. This website mostly covers everything, whether it is an algorithm, programming language, or even data structure you want to learn. Geeks for Geeks is an amazing website for all school students who want to learn to programming or coding.

It provides a significant amount of articles, free tutorials, and even online or classroom courses for students who want to learn any kind of programming. You can even apply for jobs or even get Internship opportunities in geeks for Geeks. Along with this, there is a lot more in Geeks for Geeks. This again is undoubtedly one of the best places from where you can learn to program.

Geeks for Geeks and GitHub are some huge services that are undoubtedly one of the best places for programmers. These two places offer a lot of things for everyone who aims to learn to program. Make sure to visit these places once if you are also a student who wants to learn to program.

That said, these are some of the best sites that offer teaching programming for schools students. If you are also one of those geeks who want to have a successful career in programming. These are some evergreen and amazing options for you.


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