Is Matcha Tea Better Than Coffee?

This week I’m gonna tell you about matcha tea, whose popularity been skyrocketed lately. But, is matcha tea better than coffee?

Be patient, because we gonna parse through and figure out what’s what.

cup of coffee and matcha

Coffee Vs Matcha

This or that?

Matcha and Coffee both have caffeine. So, when should you use when? Is there even a difference?

To know let’s compare matcha and coffee, and see which one is more beneficial for our health.

First, let’s talk about coffee.



People have been drinking coffee from generations around the world. The reason is that coffee is cheaper, it is easier to find in every corner of the world and it might be free in your office.

Some people like the texture of coffee and some are addicted to coffee.

If you are addicted to coffee then this article will be really helpful explore the possibilities to cure your addiction giving a boost to your health.

Talking about coffee, coffee contains a high amount of caffeine. And it has a powerful ability to mobilize them into free fatty acids. Mobilize them into the bloodstream so they can get turned into fuel.

According to multiple studies, caffeine consumption can increase your blood pressure and heart rate, boost your energy

Regular use of caffeine causes many health issues. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders describes four caffeine-related disorders including intoxication, withdrawal, anxiety, and sleep

So, now we know the long term and regular use of coffee can be stressful for your body. But we cannot say that coffee is bad, let’s not use it forever. It’s just that we should drink it at the proper time and proper amount for a better result

According to experts, the best time to drink coffee is during morning hours because most people’s cortisol level is low at those hours.

Now, it’s time for Matcha.

Matcha tea latte

Matcha Tea

Can it be any better than coffee?

At first, Matcha tea can be tricky for people to drink. Most people have a love-hate relationship with it.

It comes from the same plant as green tea but has different nutrients. Matcha also contains a small amount of caffeine which is very little compared to Coffee. Coffee contains around 96 mg of caffeine per 240-mL of the cup, while matcha contains 19–44 mg per gram.

This health-boosting tea is grown in a different process. Farmers cover the leaves of the plant 20 to 30 days before harvesting to boost the production of chlorophyll and amino acids, which increase the nutrition of matcha tea.

The rich, green colour you see is due to extra chlorophyll production. After harvesting the leaves, stems and veins are removed from them. Leaves are ground into a fine powder. That’s how you get your matcha.

And because matcha contains nutrients from the entire tea leaf, it results in a greater amount of Caffeine and antioxidants than you typically find in a standard green tea.

The main benefit of matcha is that it’s high in antioxidants. So, the free radicals in your body are tackled by antioxidants.

Free radicals can cause incredible harm to your cells. They are responsible for weaker immunity, premature ageing, and chronic inflammation.

Studies found that drinking green tea was associated with a lower risk of liver disease.

It may improve cognitive performance. Some research shows that several components in matcha may help enhance cognitive function. A compound called L-thiamine in Matcha, alters the effects of caffeine, promoting alertness and helping avoid the crash in energy levels that can follow caffeine consumption.

It could increase weight loss. For every weight loss supplement out there, you’ll see green tea extract listed in the ingredients. Green tea’s known for its ability to enhance weight loss, at least slightly. Studies show that it may help speed up metabolize to increase energy expenditure and boost fat burning.

Your Healthy option: Concluded

why matcha is better than coffee?

Coffee produces stress and anxiety and for our body, it’s hard to process caffeine in coffee so that’s why Matcha tea is a much safer and better choice for your health. Matcha has more vitamins and antioxidants than coffee. In Matcha, you can find some vitamins you won’t find in coffee, for example, vitamin A & C.

The next benefit of matcha is there is no caffeine addiction.

Matcha gives you more stable energy than coffee. Well, the most hated thing about drinking coffee is lack of energy, an hour or two after drinking a cup of coffee because this is how coffee works.

Usually, we have a spike of energy and then a sudden crash and then we might need a second cup of coffee or even a third cup of coffee to keep going to keep producing great results.

I hope you will choose a healthy option for your healthy daily life.

If you already tried both Matcha and Coffee, share your experience of having them in your daily life. Which is your favourite choice?

Comment, like and share.

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