Investment at a young age- why is it a good idea?

There is a quote that goes like this, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because they planted a tree long ago.” This tree or the seed is an investment, and the shade is the benefits that comes after. And what better time to start investing, than at a young age?

To begin with, let us understand what an investment is. The simple definition tells us that investment is an asset that generates more income. It is purchasing something today and using it to create prosperity in the future as its value increases. You put the capital to work in the form of time, effort or money, to pay off a better price in the future.

There are many types of investments that you can pick from. Some examples are stocks, annuities, businesses, mutual funds, bonds, government schemes, etc.

picture portraying growth of money
money grows with time.

Advantages of investment at an early age.

1. Longer the tenure, the smaller can be your investment.

Since you are starting at a young age, you have a longer time to let your money grow. This varies with your goal. If you have a longer period until you reach your goal, you can start with small investments. But if you have a shorter period to reach that same goal, you will have to start by investing more.

2. More recovery time.

If you invest at a young age and face a loss, you have more time to make up for the money lost. On the contrary, facing a loss at an older age will give you less time to make up for it.

3. Builds a habit to save more.

Starting at an investment first needs money. Once you start earning you have set aside an amount for your investments. More investments more are the outcomes. To follow this and see results, you automatically begin developing the habit of bringing an end to unnecessary purchases to invest more. This helps you inculcate the habit of saving at a young age.

4. Gives you a higher risk-taking ability.

Younger investors have a higher risk-taking ability than older ones. Financial issues faced are less as a youngster compared to an adult. It lets the investor invest more effectively in a risky project without overestimating the consequences. You do not know whether you will go through profit or loss until you take a risk. Hence, these risks are usually more appropriate to take as a juvenile.

5. More time, more outcome.

Money grows with time. Having the benefit of compounding, the outcome you receive in the end will be higher. Since the time value of money increases with time, you are sure to have more than you would have if you started at a later age. So, start early!

6. Secure future.

If you urgently require money somewhere in the future to meet some expenses, you can rely on your early investment. It will help make up the cost of critical requirements and help you get through hard times without too many difficulties.

Pscycological impacts of investing at a young age.

It is seen that young investors have a good risk-taking attitude. They are confident with the resources and opportunities that exist and will continue to be pushed and try to succeed. They continue to make stock investments and learn from the mistakes of decision-making and analysis, while those who are less convinced will stop investing or make transactions with no continuous.

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the right time is NOW!

How to start investing?

1. Open a savings account.

The first step to investing money is first to start saving some. You can do this by first opening a savings account, and collecting money. This can be done through the bank or even a traditional piggy bank.

2. Start at a young age.

Starting at a young age proves beneficial due to the compound appreciation of your investments. Since money grows with time, we can say that the more time you give it to grow, the more it will grow. Therefore, it is recommended to start quickly, usually around your 20s.

3. Open an investment account.

An investment account gives you money on an interest-based scale. While opening an account, make sure you do your research and choose your bank wisely.

4. Understand and choose your type of investment.

There are different types of investments that you can choose from. Learn about what each type is like, the method to go about with it, and the risks that follow. Then, after consultation, choose which type you want to opt for.

5. Decide hw much you wish to invest and pick out an investment strategy.

To start investing you first need to start saving. To save you need to know how much you want to start investing with.

6. Have patience.

Time is money, and money grows with time. In order to reap more fruits, you need to let your tree grow well. The more time you give for your money to grow, the more it will benefit you. Invest early and let your money grow more over time.


In life, you need to take risks to achieve something grand but, be careful and make sure you do it within your limits. Avoid taking loans and investing them in the market. Instead, set aside a small amount every month from what you get or what you earn and invest that in the market. Diversify your portfolio so that if some segment drops, there are possibilities to flourish in the others. For example, post-Covid, many companies went through losses, whereas pharmaceutical companies have seen a rise.

Do your research, and start soon.

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