How to Deal With Anxiety?

How to deal with Anxiety

Nowadays, about every one out of 10 people is dealing with anxiety. How to deal with anxiety? If you’re also looking for the answer to this question. This is the best place for you. What is Anxiety? Feeling restless or tense, or rather feeling tired or weak most of the time. For example, if you go to a party and you’re excited, however, while being excited you’re also having this feeling of nervousness. You’re not being able to enjoy and instead, you’re being very cautious and thinking about everything thing you do. What should I do? Or who should I talk to when I get to the party. What if they think I’m weird. If you also face these things, that means that you are facing anxiety.

How to Deal With Anxiety?

Anxiety is a very common problem. It is so common that every one out of 10 people is facing anxiety. Anxiety can lead to various other problems such as Depression, Suicide, Relationship breakdowns, and many more. How to deal with Anxiety? To learn how to get rid of Anxiety, it’s important to know what anxiety means. You have to be able to verify whether you are facing normal anxiety or anxiety disorder. Let’s take an example, if you are alone in a jungle and you suddenly see a wolf or a lion or any creature that poses threat to your life, you will feel anxious and will try to run from there. This anxious feeling is good as it saves you from the situation. However, running from a wolf or any wild animal is not a good idea according to me. This situation is an example of normal anxiety.

On the other hand, if you feel anxious about every decision you make, what should I wear at the party, what should I eat, who should I talk to or rather who should I not talk to? This would mean that you are facing anxiety disorder. In simple words, if you are feeling anxious in situations that are not life-threatening or don’t pose a threat, you might be facing anxiety disorder.

That’s all there is to anxiety. To get rid of Anxiety, you need to learn about some anxiety Dealing resources. Moreover, the best part is that you don’t need to go through any medication or therapies. You can easily develop these anxiety dealing resources on your own. It’s just that simple. Making some changes to your routine may make your life much better than it is now. That said let’s take a look at some of the anxiety Dealing resources.

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The first one of them is to have proper control over your life. Do you feel like that you are having proper control over your life? For example, if you are not able to make decisions such as what to wear, who to date, or more. Or you feel like not doing something you like just because you don’t feel like you’re ready. These are some symptoms that tell you that you’re not having proper control of your life. This may sound weird but the best way to cope up with the problem of indecision in life is to do it badly. When you start something you’re pretty bad at it. It’s only normal that you won’t learn guitar in just a week. So instead of aiming for perfection and end up never doing it, it is a thousand times better to do it worse when you first start. Just start doing what you like without thinking of it’s good or bad. Have fun in the process of learning.

The second strategy to deal with anxiety is to simply forgive yourself. A lot of people who deal with anxiety are always thinking about what they did wrong and often feel bad about those things. For example, if your cousin, brother, or friend is constantly pointing out and telling you what you’re doing wrong. You would just want to leave this person as soon as possible. That’s just how it is with the people with anxiety, they are always pointing out every single detail about what they’re doing wrong and are not one bit kind to themselves. So instead of pointing out the problems, you need to be kinder with yourself and treat yourself like a better person. And the best way to do this is to simply forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve done. This small step will make you love yourself.

Moreover, it’s going to be very difficult to heal if you don’t start forgiving yourself. That said, these were some best strategies to face anxiety. If you are also facing anxiety and want to have better mental health, make sure that you follow these strategies. And I’m hundred percent sure that you will get better if you follow these small steps.

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