Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing – such an intense, strong name that tingles our curiosity. Something that makes you wonder, ‘Why such a strange name?’. There are only so many marketing strategies and tactics you can think of, but among all those ‘Guerrilla’ does stand out. Let us dive in and see why.


This uncanny name had its origin in the early 1980s, coined by the great American business writer Jay Conrad Levinson. He wrote a book called ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ explaining all of its tactics and strategies. Even before technology took over the world, the strategy was put to great use. And now it is growing and evolving unexpectedly without any bounds. 

Why the name?

Such an intense, powerful name as anticipated does come from the word ‘Guerrilla Warfare’. Guerrilla Warfare is a group of irregular warfare like a small group of armed civilians or combatants who use unconventional methods and tactics to fool the opposite party. They were such mischievous people that used to pull stunts like ambushes, petty warfares and hit and run tactics. 

Likewise, this marketing strategy also uses unconventional methods to gain people’s attention. Among all the other strategies this easily is one of the best to win people’s hearts.

Guerrilla Marketing

What makes Guerrilla Marketing so special?

The main motive of this technique is to create an impact on the consumers and etch their ideas, brands, services or products on their minds. And for that, they get down to perform unconventional methods to pull the consumers towards their side. They often use modes of personal interaction or viral social media messaging to get closer to people. The strange, weird ideas that they come up with, makes the people’s heart skip a beat and invokes their curiosity and attention.

They use this element of surprise and shock to promote their brands and products. What makes Guerrilla Marketing stand out is that they use very low or even no cost. Yet see very effective, productive results. 

How useful is it?

This marketing strategy has proved to be very beneficial and advantageous to all small business people and emerging entrepreneurs who are in need to expand their business and get high yielding results. The simple key to this strategy is to connect to the emotions of the people, catch them off guard and make them awestruck. When they succeed to do this, overjoyed and impressed people will surely spread the word and tell all about it to their friends and relatives. This makes it more of an unasked promotion, making it even more advantageous to them.

 Another great reason for Guerrilla Marketing to be so successful is that they could easily target their audience and modify their plans and ideas accordingly. With technology taking over the whole world, everything is just a tap away and that makes it even more simpler to put this strategy to use.

 And most importantly, since young and hippy people are closely associated with gadgets and technology, they use this marketing strategy to promote edgy products and services that could easily catch the eyes of teenagers and young people.

Since grabbing attention is the main purpose, places like beaches, theatres, streets, concerts, parks, malls, social media platforms, etc, are best suited to yield expected results. 

Deadpool and Tinder

One of the best examples of Guerrilla Marketing being put to great use is Deadpool’s tinder profile. Marvel decided that the badass, sarcastic villain-hero has to make a dramatic entrance to tinder. They used this strategy to promote their movie ‘Deadpool’. While this might not seem like much work, it indeed did turn a lot of heads. And that too with zero cost and labour. This brought a lot of attention because this was something new and it hit people surprisingly. This is what people expect and love. When that gets fulfilled, they come back for more and more. 

Tinder profile

Not just this, there are so many good examples of this marketing that makes you wonder how strangely creative these people are. 

Unlike other marketing strategies, Guerrilla Marketing doesn’t require money, labour and work. To give you fruitful results, all you need is imagination, a creative mind, energy, time and nothing much. It is so very easy to advertise a product through ads and flyers. But on the other hand, cracking your mind definitely does take a toll. Despite all of that, the result it yields is surely worth the work. 

Brainstorm ideas, go nuts, take your business to the next level!

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