Gerontology: Science of Aging

science of aging

Gerontology is the study of physical aspects of aging as well as mental, social, and societal implications of aging. Yes, it is important, not today, but in future. Thinking about the future, Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov coined the word “Gerontology” in the year 1903. A Gerontologist researches and predicts the old age population in future. They also study their mental, social and medical requirements. According to a study, India’s old age population will rise from 138 million to 194 million in the year 2031.The time is less and a lot of preparations are pending. Please do check out the blog of The Print shared below for the fact checks.

Gerontology bridging the gap

Gerontology is not only the calculation aging population. But, it is also our duty to bring younger population closer to the old people. We know, elderly people are rigid, slow responding and less enthusiastic towards life. But, it is important for more youth to come forward. And Gerontology is one such bridge. Think empathetically. This field also teaches you how to deal with old age people and make them live life king size. In this modernizing western world, young caretakers would be in demand.

Importance of Gerontology

This study has a lot of benefits for a country like India which has a vast population. And majority of which is youth. Generally, young minds are selfish. There are many instances in which young couples work al the time and can’t take care of their parents. So they send them to old age homes. With the country adopting western trends, this will be a major crisis for the country. Another reason for crisis will be the lack of medical facilities. Standards of living has evolved now. This results in reduced physical and mental exercise, leading to complicated diseases. We cannot develop our medical infrastructure in one day. And coronavirus pandemic has taught this lesson the hard way. This was the time, when one of every family member was either in a queue for medicine or oxygen. And I cannot describe the social impact of this on our life.

More accurate the predictions, more is the help in every section of society. The old aged people are on the biggest threat. Gerontology can help us in different ways:

  • As people grow old, they need more medical assistance. Hence, medical infrastructure development can be planned.
  • More nursing staff could be trained.
  • Financial assistance can be provided to the needy.
  • More recreational areas can be build.
  • Young caretakers brings young energy and vibes near them.
  • Channelized expertise can reduce the liability of the country.
  • This results in the growth of the country.

An illustration to understand Gerontology

A family of 4 young adults will remain 2 young adults in the year 2031. The other two will be above 65 years. The old couple were very hard working. They never asked any help from anyone. The built their business by themselves. At 66, suddenly, they fell on a wet floor. Both were diagnosed with tennis elbow and B12 deficiency. They had to be on bed rest. But mentally, they can’t keep calm. They started doing household chores after every hour. It costs them a lot of pain. And then they realized that their body has grew old. At such age people get mentally sick too. Their family members must keep the couple mentally fit. For which they keep them invested in puzzles, chess, games, jokes, etc.

But, in this westernized society, a trained nurse is very hard to find. The air was not clean and no parks were located in nearby area. If proper planning and execution was done from administrative end, there would not be any problem. Also there is a huge shortage of paracetamol and adult diapers which were in high demand. But, an expensive nurse was recruited through colleagues, who can take care of them. She is a multi tasker because making old people do cardio-exercise is itself a task. Keeping track of their medical appointments and medicines, keeping them entertained and doing household chores also falls under her duty.

How to become a Gerontologist?

Becoming a gerontologist is not as easy as making a lemon water. Firstly make a goal of becoming gerontologist. Understand all the branches of gerontology and decide which branch suits you best. There are 3 branches in Gerontology: administrative, academic and applied. In simple terms, an administrative Gerontologist develops programs and policies for a particular area beneficial to the older population. If you are interested in research, finding solutions to problems, understand old aged people’s psychology, etc, then Academic Gerontology is best suited for you. And if you want to practice on the old age group, then applied Gerontology is required. For more details regarding career, you can find in the link below.

Wrapping up the science

Summing up all points, I would like to say, Gerontologist will give you all the data. He will tell you, where are you lacking. Then, you can improve it. We can make better lives for those who made us this much capable. So go get a degree in Gerontology and work for old aged people. They just need 3 things: care, health and money. We must also learn 3 things from them: expertise, growth and blessings.

We, hereby request all the readers to share their words on the same and share with those who run old age homes. Comment down details of old age homes “with permission”. Let us build a community that helps.

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