Happy Teachers Day: Top 10 Traits Of Teachers In India

Happy Teachers Day

Happy Teachers Day. The month of September is here, now one of the most important days in this month is Teachers Day. Everyone in this world experiences some funny, amazing, and even serious moments with their teachers In their life. Every person must remember their school days. Everyone loved to go to school. And for every person, the first day of school must have been very difficult.

But even though the first day was never really fun, the last day of school is something that no student ever wants to see. And one of the reasons that made our school’s life worth living were the teachers. So on the occasion of Teachers Day, let’s wish our teachers a very happy teachers day and talk about some of the traits that every teacher is having all across India.

Happy teacher's day

1. Every teacher in this country always has one favorite student. Like you may have noticed that for sure. That teacher would always ask her favorite student to do all her work. Even you could have been one of them and if not you must have seen that in your school days. All the students of his class would say to him that he is a teacher’s servant and many things. While many students would also get jealous of him and try to destroy his reputation. Honestly, this used to be fun.

2. One of the funniest things is that every teacher will always say to every class. Your class is the noisiest or annoying. This is the moment where the students try their hardest not to laugh. This is undoubtedly one of the funniest things ever happened in school.

3. Now while a teacher has a favorite student, they also have one student that they never like. Now I have experienced that and it’s so funny. Like the teacher would come to class and doesn’t matter whether he is talking or not doing anything, that teacher will always say that child to go out of her class.

4. I’m sure that every student must have experienced the pain of getting an arrangement in a PT Period. Every teacher just loves to take the PT Periods of the class. And especially the Science and Maths Teachers are just always there to take the student’s PT Period.

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5. Some teachers just finish the syllabus so fast. Most of the students are just never able to cope up with the speed of this teacher. While the toppers are always praising them and telling them to finish the syllabus even faster. This used to be one of the most annoying things that many students must have experienced in their school life.

6. Some class teachers are also amazing like they will always protect their class from other teachers. They would never let any teacher take their classes PT Period and will save them from any problem. These teachers were super good. And you’re surely lucky if you ever had a class teacher like that.

7. Teachers always like to taunt the students when they don’t complete their homework. ‘Do you ever forget to breathe, or eat or sleep, if now then why was did you forget to do your homework? I’m sure everyone must have heard this in their school days.

Happy teachers day

8. There is always one teacher that every student likes. This teacher would never scold any student and instead would play different kinds of games with the students when teaching. Every student always loves it when it’s the period of this teacher.

9. Some teachers are also very short-tempered. Now everyone must remember that teachers say that if you ask this thing 1000 times, I will explain this 1000 times for you. Even though they say this they get angry when you ask the same question even thrice in a row. This was one of the funniest moments that anyone ever experienced in school.

10. While there are a lot of different kinds of teachers, there is one thing that is common in every teacher. They always work hard to gives us different notes and worksheets. Teachers never leave a chance to help the students and make their life easier.

That said, Happy Teachers day to every teacher out there. School days are always one of the best parts that a person can experience in life. And along with friends, sports, one of the reasons for this are the teachers. 

A very happy teachers day to every teacher out there and thank you for all your hard work and making the life of every student better. So, Make sure to cherish your school days and spend time with your teachers if you’re still in school.

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