Author: Abhishri

It’s not about me, its about US, this has always been my thought. I am no other than you. I am person of own mind, thoughts, values, commitments, choice and VOICE. So proud that all these adjectives are for me but unfortunately I hear every single person telling me that I am SUPPOSED to be some one else, this CANNOT be me; not even a single person has ever said that its right to be YOU but rather being different from crowd, not following the standard norms of the society is being rebellious. I write to express my agony, sadness & most importantly to express what I, WE, face every moment when we smile out but not in, see but not speak, speak with heart not mind when same is not done for us. I write to tell that there is more into US that you cannot achieve and worth to know. I am YOU……….Feel, understand, go through, face, confront, fight, cry, furious, love, care, lose….I am YOU……… knw ME……..i knw YOU………………..WE knw each other……..WE are ONE

Buddies & Bro’s

Hello everyone, have started this blog with only the purpose of expressing myself choosing intolerance to restrict my thought of grief, sadness, resentment, disappointment and worthlessness towards what was, is & has to be. Relatable thought of OUR’s & others where WE are confined in an unknown golden cave yet pretend to fly. To know […]

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