Author: Red.September

Hi! I am Akriti , your Red September in this dimension. Lawyer by profession , academician and an optimist , I write about life and love. These stories depict different experiences I have encountered and at the same time , my ideas on how to live life in one's own way, wonderfully!

Minimalist living – Why go for it ?

Minimalist living just means downsizing your lifestyle to accommodate more of what is truly essential in your life. These are your loved ones and basic necessities! Minimalistic life is all about living with less where less is more. My obsession with minimal lifestyle began to rise when I came across a YouTube channel that showed […]

Red September defines me

Hey guys, its been too long! It’s only you guys who keep me moving and jazzed up.  My life these months were so fast, and messed up! I’ve been experiencing new things all this time 🙂 <3 Experiences are a part of my world, and so is “Red September” .

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