The Saga of a Hero and the journey

This is a story of a little girl. She belonged to a small town. Full of happy people all around her palace, she decided to go on a walk one day and had discovered one special path. No one knew what lies in there.  But she chose it. She was scared and alone. That was a path, long and mysterious. But it was about her, and it was her dream to reach to the end. She had faith in herself and hope in her actions.

But like dark clouds ,the evil spirits surrounded her in every step she took. From the beginning, she had encountered tough times. The monsters residing along the path made her crossing the road so difficult that she was stuck up at one place for days and days. She was so afraid of the difficulties that she was compelled to ask for help from every possibility around her and to he relief, there was help. She had courage and was thankful that she was able to make it happen.

Her eyes were thirsty but her soul never gave up. She knew that one day the god will shower blessings and happiness over her. According to her,the efforts and tribulations will pay off one day and that day was worth fighting for , even if that task take ages.
After so many days of attempts to defeat the creatures and death eaters, she became stronger and stronger. The more she suffered the more powerful her heart felt.

Today, here she is! A grown up lady, who knows a hundreds of beasts and bad guys who had hunted for her and tried to take her breath away. But now, she’s happy. She’s a young soul who knows how to fly when there’s necessity and to crawl when asked to. The god is still taking tests . She doesn’t know whether she’ll reach to the end of the road but one thing is for sure , a happy and peaceful mind is never scared of the situation and she’ll be successful in her journey even if god doesn’t stop putting trouble in her life . She’ll only become stronger and more courageous. You won’t be able to stop her in her endless saga. Today, everyone can watch her spread wings and fly away into the sky, like a bird freed from her own obligation.

happiness matter, find that!
Everyone fights for their own happiness , cause that matters!

The tragedy is that you’ll miss her when she’s back to her home cause that’s when the candy crush saga will end up!😝  The little girl is Tiffy, your sweet candy loving creature who fights and continue rising up the endless road to success. She will always continue to fight against the odds and that’s the story which will never end!

Hope that I’d bring some perspective in the way you looked at the mouth watering   candy crush saga! This is the one thing this cutilious and yummy game has taught me. A note of positivity that inspires me everyday cause if she can be so humble, courageous and hopeful all the time,then why can’t we be?

Search for the answer and let me know through comments, emails and DM.

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Happy reading ! Stay tuned for more!


Red September

P.S. Edited and a relaunched post

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Hi! I am Akriti , your Red September in this dimension. Lawyer by profession , academician and an optimist , I write about life and love. These stories depict different experiences I have encountered and at the same time , my ideas on how to live life in one's own way, wonderfully!

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  1. Thats a really really really nice viewpoint of candy crush saga.
    Maybe Tiffy is finding Neverland! 😀 …… God please give her unlimited boosters , extra lives , lolipop hammers nd etc etc

  2. A small poor guy was performing a tune on his flute and only cat was sitting and listening to his tune.

    Keep blogging friend

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