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Hey fellas! First of all, I would like to wish you all a very nice summer! We all know that it’s the only time when we can sit back and relax and let go of the worries, simultaneously bearing the rising temperature. I know I’ve skipped a lot of days writing another post, and I am extremely apologetic to you for the same. I have shifted to New Delhi very recently for a term of one month. New home, new surroundings; I was completely messed up with the all-new internship and office, trying every bit to settle peacefully amidst the enormous Delhi. So, my today’s post will be somewhat about my feelings about this place. And read it till the end to know what all I found here! 

Working as an intern at my fav place wasn’t indifferent to my thoughts. I really hoped that I will enjoy it here, and I am getting it all right!  On the very first day, I know some adventure was coming my way because summers + vacations + Delhi can’t go wrong*yayy!!* 

One of my teachers told me about the place where I am working and this place is exactly the same. New friends and new colleagues, the faculty here are absolutely chilled out*they’s nice*. Thanks to Anshuman, we are working together so technically I don’t really find this workplace and the city stranger to me!

Before coming to Delhi, I was a little bit nervous because I was going to live with roommates and I’ve never had any experience living with one. Thank God my roomie is just like me*yay again*, a chatterbox and cheerful soul, and honestly speaking, I would have died if I had any other person in place of her as my room partner.

All I wanna say is that as far as my last week is concerned, I enjoyed it very…. very much here! Delhi is rightly said to be the heart of India. I’ve met so many people till now and there’s surely more to come. *fingers crossed* I am looking forward to the much-delighted trip to Delhi and praying for my internship to go on the right track and help me learn much!

Also, here’s a shortlist of Wonderful yet not-so-famous tourist places in Delhiwhich me and my friends created. Take a look over here guys, they’re places one would not wish to miss *I can even bet*. Here it goes-

  1. Garden of five senses The Garden of Five Senses is not just a park, it is a space with a variety of activities, inviting public interaction and exploration. The twenty-acre site, located at Said-Ul-Azaib village, close to the Mehrauli heritage area in New Delhi, is spectacular. Renew your senses by visiting this with your loved ones.
  2. Mehrauli archaeological park – Popularly known as Jamali Kamali, this Park is unique in being dotted with ruins from early medieval times to the 19th century. Its main attractions include the mosque and tomb of Jamali, a stepwell and residence of a British official. The terrain is rocky and some monuments are accessible only by steep steps. It is situated adjacent to the Qutub Minar World Heritage site and the Qutub complex.
  3. The forest area- Sanjay Van is a sprawling city forest area near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli in Delhi. It is spread over an area of 783 Acres. It is one of the most thickly wooded areas of the city’s green lungs and purported to be one of the most haunted places in the metropolis. And the other one worth mentioning is the Aravalli biodiversity park. Located on the South Central Ridge and spreads over an area of 692 acres, the area is a complete treat to nature lovers and those who wanna spend some time out of the city vibes and daily chores. Trek is a good activity to opt for here as well.
  4. The amazing national museums- Be it the famous Indian war memorial museum(which contains several galleries pertaining to the military history of India during the first and second world war) or The National rail museum (in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi which focuses on the rail heritage of India), one can opt for a day trip to visit all the lovely silent places which would remind you of India’s cultural heritage at one go.
  5. It is not a real historical place or tourist place but Rajinder Da Dhaba is a must-visit venue if you talk about food and Delhi. You can have the best butter chicken over here at least this is what I feel :P. This is the pit stop of every Punjabi. I know what you are thinking… “NO! I’m not a Punjabi” But I really loved this place. It’s ambiance and the feeling of eating juicy chicken in your car (as this place offers limited seating availability) with your friends will make your day! All in all, this place is worth it.

You can always google all the details of the places I just cited above and plan your own trip this summer! I will keep you updated from now onwards and I’ll make sure I provide you with the best-of-Delhi options. Till the next time we meet, keep smiling and have fun. Also people, the highly requested blog “summers and school” will be up on the blog soon, so make sure you follow and subscribe.

Happy reading guys! And stay tuned for more blogs like these!

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