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Summers can never be as good as it were in our childhood

Hi fellas! Presenting to you the much-awaited enthu writeup! Through this, I have tried to recreate the summer memories and school time fun moments in your mind. “Summer and school ” refers to the enjoyable fun times we had in summers during our school life. After all , we millenial kids are much proud of our childhood , aren’t we ? This summer let’s remember our childhood.

Gone are the days when I was a child and played a lot in the sun. But the increasing hotness of this weather has definitely changed the way people enjoyed summers over the years. My school time was memorable and indestructible in my mind and space. The first thing that comes to my mind is the games period*HAHA**lol*. Admit it!  It was the only period we died to attend every day. *luckily* We had 4 games period per week in the senior standard. My batch mates must have remembered it by now!

Going along back in time, when I was a child, my only happiness lied in the fact that summers are up and there’ll be a full two months break for us. ‘No school = No studies’. This always made me more excited.*yay, having goosebumps now too!!!* However, I was never a kid who opened up my feelings to my parents, and hence they didn’t know how I died every day in May for summer vacations.

Down the memory lane, I could find myself rising up early in the morning and being often punctual. I really miss those times, because now I’m like a Snorlax (Pokémon), always ending up eating while I’m awake and sleeping when I have nothing to do. How much we loved the summer vacations in childhood is peculiar and variable to every other being. I have used the term Childhood because the feel back then for holidays as much filtered into innocence. Everyone thinks differently about summers. Maybe some of you have never had enjoyed summer or maybe any of you hadn’t had summers to enjoy.

What kids think summers means: summer camps, ice creams, shakes, cartoons, trips with family and TV.

What parents think summer means: summer camps, cooking classes, sports classes and grandparent house

And here’s what summer actually means: homework and summer classes, boredom, laziness, repetitive TV shows and a lot of family fun.

I know every one of us had gone through the same feeling. *high-five*. Do you remember how much fun we had?

All the boys played cricket and the girls played ‘iggo-diggo'(that 8 boxed game where we had to reach to the point where stone is thrown with one leg up). The hot noons, when we calmly sat down and played ludo, carrom, chess, and trump cards. The satisfaction of winning over your sibling was much above the riches. If you’re a 90’s kid, I genuinely wanna congratulate you for witnessing the best of CN shows. Powerpuff girls, tom and jerry, scooby doo, dexter’s lab, pokemon, beyblade, digimon, bob the builder, tranfromers , swatkats, noddy and this list can never end here, ever!

Today’s kids will never understand how cool the cartoon network actually was in 2000’s ! *cheers*

This channel has made my entire childhood a very happy place to live. Seriously, guys, I don’t know what I’d have done my whole school life if cartoons weren’t there. By this time, you’d actually figured out my love for cartoons and it’s a bit interesting to know that the ability to be punctual had been developed in me by these shows only. *fact* I was fond of watching television and that too sharp at 5.00 pm. and generally ended up completing my homework before 5 daily.

The specials of my summer were that my mum made us tasty handmade kulfi every alternate day and the most memorable times were that she used to massage our hair in the afternoon and made us fall asleep and after waking up, we took a bath followed by mango shake and other snacks as well. My Dad always took us to walk at night with him and we had ice creams and chocolates, ‘Choci’ and ‘kwality walls!’ Holy summers!

The one most incredible trait of everyone’s summertime is fun at grandparents’ house. I too had spent a very loving time there. Us cousins used to play for hours and hours in the afternoon few games inside, viz. bingo and solah parchi (16 Slips), and few in the verandah, viz. Chicklets, badminton and cricket. What a time it was*sigh*!! When I look at the childhood summers, I really want that to freeze and rewind and play it again.

It is weird how kids in their school want to grow and have fun and we adults, “not fully transformed though”, want to re-live carefree lives. It sounds strange, isn’t it? Life is like this. We crave what we see as enjoyable. We always want the grass of other’s side, without imagining the situation and problems it brings in our lives. Everyone had problems with school and now, after begin almost a graduate, I want to become a kid again. Nothing can never beat the fun, adventure and masti one can do in school. By today’s post, I wanted you to remember those golden times when we were carefree about our lives. This is also a vacation, but can we enjoy it as much? The answer is simply no. I wish I can get back to the summer of school. It was simply magical and truly pleasurable.

Be happy for what you have and Nothing’s gonna bother you ever!

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