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It’s been so long away from here and I admit this that I have invested my every second thinking about what my possible article could be without actually writing one. LOL, this is what life comes up with !! Surprises !! Blissfully enough, I have spent my last year struggling with my career progress . *yah man you feel me !*

And here I am. I have been preparing for civil services from the past one year which explains why I was so negligent about you guys! But today you will feel a bit cheerful and content as we dive into this, as today I would be sharing my emotions about what I have lived so far over here, *unexpectedly good life* seriously !

So it was like all the other coaching institutes with so many people or as we call it “the crowd”, but few people hitherto became important to me for unconditional little things . Part of my life as we call it. Adding a little background to that I remember my mentor advising me not to make irrelevant friendships over the time when I have some purpose to fulfill and genuinely I had tried to stick to it, but a chatterbox like me could have died in isolation soooo I resisted the temptation to talk to new people and concentrated with my new-found love “The harry potter books”.  Yes, the novels, which I have read over and over again for a few months. *love those really <3* but then the tragedy fell over my knee and I was in a terrible state of being for a month or so. I usually sat in the front of the classes but due to the injury I have to wait for someone to just drop me to the institute and thence I opted for being a ” back-bencher “. Never in my life, I repeat, never in my life, I had an opportunity to sleep in a class with so much comfort and fearless from been seen *perks of a large number of students * and *of course of being short 😉 * and after a week what do I find? A group of people with a humongous sense of humor and a taste for life. I had wanted to be with them. You would surely have someone in your relation whom you would find saying ‘lawyers are so cunning, huh, they are not good people to hang around, blah and blah’ but I was awestruck as the people I met were practicing lawyers as well as people good at heart, despite the work, they are childish, beautiful and amazing <3. I developed an affinity towards them over a period of time but realized I weren’t one of them. I was a back-bencher with a lack of humor and who wants a friend like that? * I wouldn’t think like that though * 😀 Greatly this wasn’t the consequence. It had been 7 months into the friendships I adore  and I don’t wanna look back .

They have made me learn new horizons of life and career. They all are brilliant, witty, and funny in their own sense.  Now I know how to handle stressful situations and blame and insults, * that’s with a snap of the fingers, try it * I have been into new meaning of what friendship offers. They haven’t offered me anything but their company. Where we can enjoy the present selves without worries of the past and planning for the future. Where you can just relax without any questions of mental instability and disappointment of not meeting academic expectations. I have been happier and grateful for their presence for I have been mentally stable for a long time now.  I have seen friendships with expectations, lies, jealously but here, all I have to be is me! Angry (if I am ) without any explanations and studious *without any bitterness from anyone*, no interference of any sort into my personal life and feelings, just ample space for being who you really want to be, with every resort to care and love from each one of them for everyone. People like these were impossible for me to find if I had been avoiding the idea of continuing sitting at the last. But life caught me in flower beds. They just felt like a family, where your siblings tease you, taunt you, support you  and be with you unconditionally. I do not know about what they feel, but they have grown close to my heart. And now I have a friend to discuss my life problems, who understands my bad judgments and stays beside me and glad to feel, another 2 am friend *basically night owl*  who would be up till late always. Without fail, he has been a support system when everyone else just shuts up their eyes into the night. Nature of the people are diverse, they change with time, but what remains the same is the bond *which honestly lasts forever*. To enjoy a bond,  always remember, only to enjoy the relation, because without any complications it is as beautiful as your soul. When you expect and add emotional rage into a friendship, it turns conditional. As the time is advancing I know this phase will be over and I will crave these moments of happiness and joy and more so of out-loud laughter and a sense of belonging but it will mark a new beginning again. This is the connection that has arranged all my broken pieces into one and I am thankful to these people till eternity. So what I would conclude is that let everyone be the way they are, respecting their choices of being left alone, being hardworking or being sad or x,y,z. Enjoy the moment you’re in before its gone .

” We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun! “

I dedicate this to you, this wonderful crowd of  “bad elements ” *you know you have given silly names to your group too *! and also kudos to you Garima for being my life. *trust me people,  a friend who sends you 40 images of her notes with sequence number at midnight is the one who loves you truly *  I love you people <3

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Lots of love ♥

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