5 Things you should never gift your dad!

This has been another year when I’m not with my father on this fathers day! I miss those celebrations. Late night dinner, family gatherings, and all those precious memories ♥ . I’ve thought over the past few days what to gift to my father. I’ve rather been asking others to get ideas. It’s very rare that I run out of ideas but practically, I can’t decide upon anything to gift him. I mean gifting someone a bunch of flowers and material pleasures is totally different things from creating memorable impressions in someone’s heart and soul. After a lot of brain exercise, I have enlisted things which one should not gift to their dad, like ever!

But before this , wishing to all a very heartwarming Happy father’s day 🙂 !

5 Things you should never gift to your dad!
Dad’s are super cool!

This is a negative list but all that confers is a positive thought for all of us! We can always buy some nice perfume and a bouquet to gift them on this day, but there will be nothing more to offer to them more than our love. So, here goes the list, hope you’ll get the things right in your heart and make this FATHER’S DAY  a real thing for him .

  • Bad attitude – Trust me, fellas! Dads do not want your hella kind of attitude, cause they’ve got theirs. As a child, our sole duty is to be humble and polite to our parents, not indicating that you should always be this same. Anger, sorrow, irritation happens to everyone, but then … One can be angry being polite and subtle! I can, you can! :*
  • Debts – There’s a part in Hindu law that speaks about son paying father’s debts, but vice-versá is never talked about. True. You should always try to figure your life and actions and expenses too. If you’re old enough to have a girlfriend then you are definitely grown enough to decide before spending. Never try to put up debts on your father’s shoulder. You never know how hard he is trying to get you your luxury lifestyle.
  • Selfish side – Ever been selfish sometimes? Want a new gadget? or a sports bike? Well, You can get if that’s normal for you, but sometimes parents themselves are stuck up with financial insecurities. And trust me, they won’t let you know. To them, your happiness is more than theirs. Check if they need your love, support, and every other thing. Share your experiences and your knowledge about today’s generation tech. Your selfishness will only ruin your relationship with your Dad. Because he’s never been selfish when you needed them. Often old aged parents don’t get much from their children and end up in vradhashrams. Decide what you would like to give to your parents for being brought up by them.
  • Disrespect – Being rude sometimes to parents is a trait of the process of growing up. In our lives, every one of us has been rude to them once. That’s not bad, but being disrespectful towards them always is a sign of being mentally gross which needs to be changed soon. Your Dad raised you. He treated your illness, your weakness, he supported you, and most importantly, he lived his life for you. Indeed, he’ll live his whole life for you. Being disrespectful is a mistake you can commit only knowingly and unintentionally. Why even fathers only? Anyone who disrespects any person should never do so. It simply describes your personality and thought-process. If you treat everyone right, they’ll treat you the same. Being bad isn’t as cool as it seems.
  • Lack of determination – When he says “I want you to be an engineer”, he does not mean that he wants you to be engineer only. You can be a lawyer, athlete, player, director, or doctor, whoever you want to be, because only thing he wants is you to be able to live a life worthy of everything. He might just simply think, that engineer has better options for career and jobs for you and nothing else. Show him your passion for other things and he’ll be there for you. A determined child will only win the heart of a father like no one other. Determination is the only thing that shifts a dad’s mind. Remember that 3 idiot’s scene when Farhan convinced his dad to become a photographer? That might work for you as well, but only if you are passionate and determined person. Every parent knows the potential of their child and love the fire of determination and hard work in the child’s eyes. A parent will always bash at children who do not have a desire to achieve higher in their life because this is not what they expect when they are providing you their love and life. Make him love you more.
5 Things you should never gift to your dad!

Dad, a person who is a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love. Dad’s are the greatest human beings, you’re born and from then he never left your side. He supports you emotionally, financially and every other way possible. Never treat him with loveless heart. It’s true that the mother gave you birth, but also it is true that dad gave you life. They are your friend and motivator, protect you from your mother’s anger. They help you hide your lies and help you pursue your choices in life. He’s the guy who will cry at your wedding day and wipe your tears to keep you happy. Realize it, he’s the person who’ll love you lots

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It is proven that children who got attention and love of their fathers are more mature and lovable and intellectual and caring than those who do not get it all. But people, to get it all, you need to give it all. Give love and all the above-stated things and get back the happiness. Happy fathers day to all the people out there. I wish success and happiness for all fathers and thank you for being such inspiration to your child. You are their role model. Be loving and strong to support them in their decision. Spread happiness and love and tell  Dad that you love them 🙂

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