Realization is Now!

This is life. It is yours. Love it. Either good or bad. Simple or complex. Your life is just the way it is meant to be. Trust the timings of your life because everything happens when it is supposed to be.
Let’s start here and take a look at your past.

You were born on one auspicious day. You crawled, tripped ,walked.

You made friends.

After years, you received a cycle from your parents. A birthday gift. That was everything to you. You felt proud of its possession. Your parents smiled and you laughed.
You scored great marks and made merry. You were ditched by a friend and cried. You moved on.
You grew older. You fell in love for the first time. That was magical. The person was above any of the previous wishes you had in your heart. They broke you down. And then they left you…
But all you are today is all what you are. The real you. Strong and powerful!
A person enough to rule your own mind. Your heart desires more of what is called passion. Your mind dreams more like a rising kite, ready to touch the sky.
Maybe one day you’ll be married or you already are. One day you’ll have kids and watch them laugh.
No matter what your monetary possession is, no matter what the world thinks about you and your beliefs. No one ought to care about the crowd’s opinion. The only thing you should care about is the happiness it gives you.

Back then, you were happy for having a bicycle, a girlfriend, a best friend, your parents were happy with your marriage, your career, your life.
Hardly the money, and the compromise would be remembered!
Today, you can dance to the tunes of your heartbeat, sing the songs of the soul. It’s your choice how you relate the happenings of your life with happiness.

So go out and enjoy the life with acceptance of every evil thing that has happened to your life and in your life. Celebrate it with every positive bit in your heart. No one remembers the bad, cause life’s all about the good and the love.
That magic, that friendship,  those priceless smiles are the happiness, which everyone talks about. Realize. Because This is life. It is yours … Either good or bad. Love it.

Happy reading ! Stay tuned for more!

Red Septemeber <3

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Hi! I am Akriti , your Red September in this dimension. Lawyer by profession , academician and an optimist , I write about life and love. These stories depict different experiences I have encountered and at the same time , my ideas on how to live life in one's own way, wonderfully!

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