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Before you read this article , help me in spreading a message to help nature from global warming. Share and post your thoughts on how to fight against global warming by adding #WeWillHelpNature . Let it become a revolution. It’s my genuine request from you all. Save nature , save your own lives.

Last afternoon , I was standing in my balcony and wondering how cool it would be in winters at the end of this year. I was dripping with sweat when my brother called me up inside and told me about weather forecast . “Rains” I followed my brother saying this , with a huge shout out emotion and exclamation mark. I was totally insane at that time , I was happy and surprised. It was rather sooner when breeze  started flowing all around me.

Huh? Rains ?, how stupid of it in mid may. I was sure that they would fall , but my brain was constantly poking me to believe “it’s not normal , don’t believe such a thing”. I turned back into the room and locked up the window and doors, because who knows?

After an hour , I was going to write a blog when suddenly the wind shut all the doors and windows of my house , as well as others’. “Hell AF”, I shouted in my  mind . Swear god , I didn’t expect a dirty thunderstorm before the rain .It disgusted me.

What all I felt the last day was that how badly the global warming have affected the climate and its timely changes. I don’t think the monsoon is arriving on time this year. Neither i expect it now. But after all these emotions I was feeling , it’s awful how funny the situation got in my mind regarding the global warming , although it should have been a serious one.

Let me give you a illustration of the mind games I had. Have you imagined a weather alteration?  like India becoming a cold country. Just imagine the scenarios of marriages . November and February is the most booked months because of marriage and lagan. Just imagine women, all wrapped up in shawls and  boots and dancing like packaged flipkart boxes in the Gudchadi! It’s funny AF. Imagine our Juhu and Chaupaty beaches turning into new Hawaii ,when India would be one of the hottest countries.

Apart from the hilarious parts of this article , try to imagine a country with no yield of crops and pulses. Do you people know that India is the second highest agricultural producer of the world? After the climatic changes , it won’t be. Ever imagined a situation where your kids will have to pay 5X the amount we pay for food today? No, you haven’t. Why ? because by the time the glaciers will be completely dissolved , we will be dead ? I can seriously take all your excuses childish if you are the one who is witnessing the climate changes and still not resolving to help environment and people of this earth to live in a better environment.


So even if you are enjoying this cool weather in the month of may , I would request you to kindly watch out for the actions you do to contribute in rise of effect of global warming. Help the environment . This mother Earth need us.  Even I do my part. I switch off the lights , close all the taps , do not waste natural extinguishable resources by travelling mostly in public transports, at least this is all what we can do together.

This rain in this month, my dear friend , should not be taken as pre-monsoon rains. It’s just not the time for monsoon and pre-monsoon. This thunderstorm and rains have already destroyed various farm yields and crops , let yourselves free to help the nature in healing itself . Environment day is up close in the calendar. Hope everyone cares for the nature like yo u do!

Apart from this issue , I am here to announce that majority have voted for the option “Summers and school”! in the poll i asked last week (WANNA BE A PART OF US?) I will be back with this blog sooner! Thank you all for participating in this short interaction post! Hope to meet your expectations and make you happier 🙂 ♥

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