One Night Out!

The world’s too small to live in isolation. True? It might sound so. In this fast pacing heart-throbbing life, everyone’s busy in a world of their own. A world full of beautiful people and worth relations. Simultaneously, a one with hard work and actions to achieve higher and to improve every step towards the future. Yet the fun of it is in enjoying every single bit and tasting every flavor of life.

A few months ago, I was exhausted from my schedule of waking up early and sleeping late at night. I was basically fed up of hectic routine and could see the energy draining out of my body with every drop of sweat. Hot afternoon and warm nights, could anything be possibly worst? It was all so awful. Missing meals, having bad headaches, and soring eyes, I literally didn’t know what I was going through. After this much of dreadful experience, I had decided to take a day off from this stress. A day off from the world to just relax and revitalize myself.

And then, one day far from this place of pains and profits, I found an island, where I was with my partner, who made me fall in love with myself.

We were too far from the world to be disturbed; had fun and peace. We lived amongst the wild and slept beneath the stars.  The whole night I watched the universe colliding in the sky and the way the stars were making love with another in harmony was mesmerizing. I was in love with that place.

I can describe how I felt there. The feeling to breathe in fresh air when the purity touches your face and you could tell those emotions just by your facial expressions. I woke up with the renewed senses, with love in my soul. The sound of the ocean, I heard it in one of the shells washed up ashore. Those jingles were describing the tale of a mermaid, how she fell in love with the aqua, her love story, and happiness of the ocean, who wrapped her up into his arms forever. The cold and heavenly touch of every water drop off the cascade was like a star falling off the sky, which made your wish come true. It was the world I could die for every day and every night.

I remembered how the road felt when I walk down a lane; it felt terrible because there was friction between my feet and the road which pushed me harder in every step. And here, awesomeness of walking was on another level. The feel of wet and soft sand is absolutely incomparable. Walking barefoot is the least you can do to relax yourself. The tingling sensation within my body aroused my consciousness to new horizons of freshness.

On the other hand, my partner was in another sphere. There were no tensions, no worries for him.No work to do. He was free from the instructions of the boss hanging around like an axe on the head. There was finally no dancing to the tunes of his words. It was so not unfair to live life king size, again. To the much-waited anxiousness amongst you to know who’s he,  It was my mind.

He was free and uncaged.  I never thought there would be a time in my life where I won’t be a hostage to the commands of the superior and boundaries to limit me. My life was liberated, my mind spoke to me, “Phew, I thought I was really going to die in these summers!”

After another similar day I went to a deep sleep.

“Ting tong, Ting tong, Ting tong…” the doorbell rang. It was my maid on the door, “Namaste, Madamji, Aaj to aap bahut der tak so rahi ho,mai chai bnake laati hu!” and immediately I realized that I had a dream and that another stressful day had just begun. I felt pity for myself that one more cycle started.

During the time I took the shower, I felt those waterfalls and those sea-shore shells talking to me. I finally had a peace of mind, which was sufficient for me to survive the hardships everyone’s life comes with. My heart had longed for that place since then, and my soul found a resurrection that night, to live a life, worth enough, a life that I am living since then.

I hope you’d like the story. That dream was so refreshing I thought I must share with you fellas! The motive was to make you realize that it’s just our imagination that could save us. Our soul can help us achieve higher. I know everyone is heating up with the hot summers this year, but take a moment off from your life. Maybe, you too can find isolation and peace within yourself like I did. A peace which should not be forgotten. I was pretty sure that my one day was well spent, even if it was the creation of my mind, a world in my dreams.

Lovingly yours, Red September !

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Hi! I am Akriti , your Red September in this dimension. Lawyer by profession , academician and an optimist , I write about life and love. These stories depict different experiences I have encountered and at the same time , my ideas on how to live life in one's own way, wonderfully!

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