Of Victories and Failures

We are struggling

You might be the strongest person around but you will eventually find it difficult to face a very unwelcoming scenario of life. Everything doesn’t go as we plan *fingers crossed*. We tie our happiness and grief with experiences of life; emotions telling us what we feel good about and whatnot. We are very well aware that failure and victories are two sides of the same coin, you experience both of them at different times and yet we presume that victories don’t come easy, *well mostly*. *sigh*

Both of them impacting our lives equally. Let’s normalize talking about people suffering from mental ailments now and then. I do not want to emphasize the consequences of unhealthy thoughts. I think we’ve had enough examples of those in our society today. A huge chunk of people don’t respond to alarming traumatic experiences of their close ones and this leads to serious repercussions. They could be called ignorant. Easier said than experienced, no one is at fault. It’s only our perception that stays.

This pandemic has been successful in establishing one fair truth among the billion unfair things which it has done to the world. That nothing is stable, life is indeed a struggle and you could not walk away from that!

Everyone is conditioned to become capable since their childhood in order to live the life of their dreams. Everyone portrays life to be a tale of “work hard and you’ll get success”, which rather stands closer to “you’ll need to keep learning forever”. However, this facade bothers everyone who has not seen such injustices towards one own self regarding human emotions. Becoming wealthy and having a luxurious house doesn’t define the happiness in which you live as a person. You are significant due to your ability to see the happiness and beauty that lies in the mere existence of humans and the joy in experiencing everything that life has to offer, accepting its true form.

What does your victory means?

Some things are indeed beyond our control. We are struggling for the infinite. *aren’t we?* Nothing is certain. Everyone is going through struggles of their own. Would you keep on destroying your conscience into pieces for this very reason? We need to find ourselves in the haze before finding those answers.

Failure is holding all the emotions related to it close to your heart. So, let today pass. Breathe fresh air and focus on the current state of being which you are in. Sip that coffee or read that newspaper, or lie down simply to listen to your favorite music. Take one day at a time, face it and move on. Understand that there is nothing you can do about it but to fully accept and let go of the thought which binds it to you. Free yourself from your own limiting beliefs which strangle you every now and then.

The thin line between triumph and failure is illusory. They say failure is a stepping stone to success. Should we wait? For how long? This creates a real dilemma. Victory, as glorified in the stories, doesn’t resemble the real-life scenario.

Your victory can be watching your family smile and watching them grow older over the years. Not creating trouble for others is an achievement in itself. Being part of other’s sorrow and wonderful times is glorious. Victory is what you define it. The small moments you steal from your busy schedule are what are important. No nomenclature can justify the amount of happiness you feel by doing this. Do not restrict yourself from trying. Life will be full of struggles. And as suggested by one of my friends, situations keep happening, time and again, when you will be tested and wasted and these would seem to be a series of tribulations for some. However, it is enjoyable in itself and you should not limit yourself to not have a taste of failure. After all, these times make you who you are today. Problems help you grow smarter, brighter, and stronger.

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind a monotonous happy life myself, and to expect this is as humane and sensible, and we all know that one damn saying, expectations hurt! Despite this all, I am always looking out for “adventures”, cause they help me grow <3, and I know for sure, they’ll help you grow too! Embrace life in the present and forgive yourself for all the things that you’ve held back, be it emotions, experiences or mistakes. Much love.

Thank you for paying a read ! See you again very soon!

Red September <3

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