Mother’s day special

A mother wins when her child succeeds to the difficulties of their life.

First of all , I wanna wish everyone a very cherishing mothers day! 8th of may ! This day is so special to me and I’m sure that it’s for you too! One day I was wandering within my mind and came up with a short story. Hope you’d like it !

Ragini took a sigh of relief when her 2-year-old daughter slept peacefully in the bed.

“I hope everything runs fine now , it’s too hectic !” She thought. Her mind was continuously spinning like a top and her eyes were tired. Few hours ago she had lost all her hope and aim of her life. But , she knew that she had to come forward and smile for her child .

She kissed on the forehead of Supriya, looking at her with tears in her eyes and loads of love . It was done . The happy memories had shattered into pieces , pieces of glass which will forever hurt her deep. All she could feel were lumps in her throat . She was numb and choked .

Ragini : But now she’s my responsibility . I had to keep her , Mom , Dad , please just cut the crap !

Father : I’m not going to let you do this alone . I’m not evening going to let you do this at all.

Mother : He’s right ! just look at you , you’re not even responsible for yourself and she’s not even legitimate.

Ragini : But mom! ( on top of her voice) , She’s mine! After all this time I’ve lived with her, I can’t just leave !

Voices fades away as she opened the refrigerator and drank a whole mug of chilled beer . Still trying to figure out what had happened with her. Constantly into doubts and turmoil. “How can I just leave her , I love her . I’ll be her father and mother. I’ll never let her down . No one leaves a person they love . All what matters is we will be together and then one day these people will accept it.”

‘Trriiiinnnggg….tringgg….’ the door bell rang and there were her parents , again.

Ragini: I’m not ready to do any of the things we’ve previously discussed.

Mother : We just want you to…

Ragini : (in an interrupting firm voice) No, I can manage without you both very well , thanks !

Father : (angrily ) You listen now fella ! There’s been complete 4 years since you left us . You didn’t cared about us and he didn’t cared about you . There’s no future of your daughter with you . We’ll handover the child to the orphanage and you’re coming with us.You don’t need to bear all this insanity. Neeraj can never compel you to live a life not worthy of happiness. We will take legal actions against him !

Mother : Can you imagine what kind of life you’re going after?

Ragini: I know (turning towards her father ) You better don’t tell me what to do . You’ve come back to prove me wrong and not to support me , there’s no chance I’m agreeing to you!

Mother: We are your parents beta, it’s for your own good.

Ragini: (wiping her tears away) I don’t understand you. I’m going to be with her, with you or without you . I’m her mother, can’t you see? Just like you love me mom, I love Supriya. And this is the end of the discussion. You may leave.

There was silence all over the place. “Disappointments lead to the way to destruction of the soul . Neeraj was never good and we told you about that , and you never listened to us . We’re going and never coming back again! You bear what you’ve chosen . Come Ratna!”- Her father declared as he went out of the house , slamming the door.

“Beta! I’m always there for you . She’s my granddaughter too, we love her too . I wish this situation had been more sensible. Forgive us for being selfish, but I cannot leave your dad. Take care and come to us in any needful situation, and you just go to sleep it’s already very late”, Ratna too left behind her husband.

The dilemma in her mind was more than just being a good mother to Supriya. She shared the bed with her angel . Supriya could sense her presence and smiled in her sleep.

“Pari, I’m just writing out of so much of emotions and insecurities, its difficult to cope up here , all alone. But one thing is for sure, I’ll prove them wrong , I’ll show how much strong we are. Your mother is not giving up . I’ll work , we’ll grow. We both will be there for each other. We’ll be happy . I would never let you feel you are weak , just because no one is with us that doesn’t mean that we will not survive. One day I will tell you why your dad left us , but I’ll never let you disrespect him . I’ll teach you to be humble , kind and to have courage. You’ll become stronger than a son and beautiful than the rest. We’ll build an empire for us where there will be no hatred and sorrows. I promise one day we will forget these difficult times and from that day, there will be no turning back ! It will take ages to settle and fears are crawling inside my brain , but still I hope of a day when you’ll look at me and smile for no reason . love you beta, you are my everything from now to eternity.”

And now that Supriya is reading this letter from Ragini’s diary , she’s indeed smiling in tears at her mom for no reason.

Ragini: Come dear, Nakuul is here to meet you !!!

Supriya: Coming ! one minute more ….. !!

Ragini: (talking to herself) This girl can never get ready on time. (to her parents)She is just coming, are we ready for her birthday suprise ??!!…..

Ragini is owner of a small restaurant in her city and they both are living just like she had imagined once.

Mothers can be so powerful and loving at all times , her strength is incomparable. Remember the times she had sleepless nights just to keep you okay , the times she had fever but never complained. Not everyone is lucky to have a mother , but you are . Love her and celebrate this mother’s day like you’ve had never before! Surprise her with love and sweet words. You are the person she loves rather those other million persons. Your life is one such sweet fairy tale. Be happy and keep spreading love like this always.

Happy reading ! And stay tuned for more!


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  1. Really a mother knows what her child’s gone through, even if she didn’t see it herself. Reading a good stuff on this mother’s day.
    Happy Mothers day, for all the mothers out there!!

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