Minimalist living – Why go for it ?

Minimalist living just means downsizing your lifestyle to accommodate more of what is truly essential in your life. These are your loved ones and basic necessities! Minimalistic life is all about living with less where less is more.

My obsession with minimal lifestyle began to rise when I came across a YouTube channel that showed a couple de-cluttering their house and cut down their lavish lifestyle to minimum basic. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of them converting the overstuffed house into an open, more fresh space.

For many minimalists, the philosophy is about getting rid of excess stuff and living life based on experiences. You can probably figure out that how having less stuff can also free up your life financially as well as promises a clutter-free environment at home. It’s simple, throw away what doesn’t add up to your life.

Why go minimal?

In simpler terms, it helps us focus on eliminating not just the items we don’t use, but also the ones that don’t bring joy or meaning to our life. It’s completely fine if you want to treasure an old gifted book or piece of jewelry or a favorite hoodie from your childhood, but it’s more joyous to realize that permanent sources of happiness and comfort come from the relationships and purpose of your life, in things that you do!

Going minimal also offers you more time and space for yourself. You’ll spend less time cleaning and organizing stuff, probably less shopping too (in future) , therefore allowing you to have more time available in your day to engage in what matters most to you, your health, family, and well-being.

Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value in life by removing anything that distracts us from it,” says Joshua Becker

How to go minimal?

While it is super exciting to think about a cleaner and organized way of living, it is equally difficult to make sure you really want to go ahead with it. You will eventually realize this needs to be done when you look at the stuff packed in your wardrobes and having no space to either store it or for placing it to daily use. Where do you store that one yoga mat you need to use regularly? Where to place a cute pot planter in your room for that aesthetic pinterest-inspired room decor? You will know that you are in dire need of minimalist living when you observe your room and home.

The most important thing is to get started. Personally, I started decluttering my belongings when I realized I might need to shift my stay every 2 years. It is what I am constantly doing for the past decade. So having with me something which doesn’t serve my purpose was a sheer waste of space and energy. Once you commit yourself to declutter, it becomes real fun because then you literally start throwing everything you’ve been holding for so long, for example – my school diaries and copies having nothing but beautiful handwriting *I was this mad*. So, here’s a tip –

  1. Easiest way to have things out of your living space is to recognise what items you have in excess or duplicate. You may also identify certain things you don’t want anymore. Eliminating them should be your first step.

2. After having a look at every item that you own from stationary to closet to cosmetics, rearrange them into categories – go by the 5-1-daily rule. In the first category, lies the items that you’ve not used over the past 5 years. In second, the items you’ve not used for the past 1 year and third, the items for daily use and without which you can’t survive.

Trust me when I say this, the second category will have a lot more items than others. Also, keep a check on items you’ve bought impulsively. Those are the items we do not need. Procrastinating over these small things can save you a whole lot of money and space.

3. The second type of categorization you can do is to differentiate items on basis of their condition- first, the items which are good as new, second, the torn and old items, and third, the evergreen items which can be used anytime.

Make sure the third category in the above point coincides with the third category in the second point. Because, dude, having an evergreen item in your cupboard you haven’t used since 10th grade makes no sense!! Gotcha?

When you start out on your minimalist living venture, the initial decluttering process is huge and very cathartic. However, it doesn’t just happen once; it’s an ongoing process.  So keep your spirits high and share with us your experience with your first decluttering!

Thank you for the read !

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