This day is something we need for men!

“It’s at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys.”

But once they are separated, no one cares about them , A. TRUE. STORY!

Man. A person who cares for you. A person who knows to what extent he has to go to build you. A father who will never give up on you even when you dream biggest. A brother who will never let anyone else upset you. A husband who knows that what you need must be presented. A friend who will be there through thick and thin and yet make it an effortless deal for him to help and support you. He is a person who is genetically blessed to have the ability and rational which drives his whole family together and through the tough times. And lastly, he is a person important for our species to survive *(c’mon we all know that 😛 :D)*

In generation of today  where there are heavy crowds supporting feminism and women empowerment ,we have somewhere lost an important element of this world , the males of our society . Whether you agree or not , it was always the male who laid the foundation of some of the basics in history. Be it the idea of marriage , the trading cultures, building civilisations, or nurturing everyone in the family , it is the male who have done a lot to help everyone grow. Let me remind you all that I am not a Masculist, ( a person who supports the male supremacy) rather I am a firm believer that everyone is equal , be it a male or a female . It’s like women do not have an equal footing to men in the society and hence women empowerment . Feminism does not mean women’s supremacy to men . Rather it means being equal to them . So, I assume I am not crossing the limits by appreciating men today for all the sacrifices and compromises they have done in the past for all of us and for humanity. 

International Men’s Day on 19 November, is an occasion to highlight discrimination against men and to celebrate their achievements and contributions,  in particular for their contributions to community, family, marriage and child care. 

Be it the pressure of leading a family and a trend to go beyond the limits to prove themselves, the forces driving men has touched skies.

We never appreciate their efforts, their simple ways to woo us, and to show that they are always there for all the people whom they care about.

There have been many great men that have flattered many people who ne’er loved them – William Shakespeare

Men’s Day is not only about celebrating their relations, their efforts, or hard work, it’s also about celebrating their existence and the pain they go through without any complaints. We need to talk about men more seriously than we ever have. Regardless of the immense love they have received, there are still people who are left unrecognized and under stress for their whole life.

One of the great ironies about men’s issues is that while it is common for well-meaning people to tell men to talk when someone tries to talk about men’s issues, people are quick to close them down. Everyone finds it deeply uncomfortable to talk about the problems men and boys can face. Why ? because they are presumed to be strongest and not be a cry baby. We need to understand that they are sensitive too! Like us , like everyone else. 

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The truth is that they get emotional, but just don’t show it. Does “Big boys don’t cry” and “Take it like a man” sound familiar? Why isn’t there a “drama king”? The sanctioned emotions for women and men to display operate with a double standard. What is okay for one, isn’t okay for the other. You’ll see kindergarten and first-grade boys bringing stuffed animals from home to comfort them amid their fear of the social demands of school. They’ll even hold hands and put their arms around other boys and girls to show affection and express joy. Gradually as they grow up, male indoctrination begins. Boys are sissies if they show fear, pain or heaven forbid the most taboo expression of all: crying. Ironically, anger is one of the few acceptable emotions sanctioned for boys to publicly express. They are being tortured by their own emotions and are pressed towards suicides. 

And Yes! , they are also victims of violence, depression from work and relations, are subject to low wages for their high working skills, workplace deaths, workplace discriminations, and on a serious note, domestic abuse and homelessness. It’s also an important thing to discuss that like females are prone to breast cancer and cervical cancer, the likelihood of prostate cancer is as much as any female cancer. According to a research, prostate cancer affects about 20% more men than breast cancer affects women. Talking about health issues in general, according to a website, men’s health is worse than women’s in every part of the world. Recent World Health Organization (WHO) data shows that, globally, male life expectancy at birth in 2015 was 69 years; for females, it was 74 years. And this is the least talked about information ever in the history . Like Ever!!

So now when you know the perspective from their side, their weaknesses their vulnerability, let us all thank them for being here in our life to create such great memories with us !  What are you waiting for ? 

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