She deserves happiness ! Women’s Day edition

Hello ladies and gentlemen ! Welcome to my blog again! *Yuhuu*  Keeping up with the pace it’s indeed difficult to find a good topic to put up to the audience , ‘coz it really affects the individuals in this space. As international women’s day is round the corner , let’s start without delaying it much ! Hope you’ll find it helpful and acknowledging.Also , for the first time I have tried to be shorter .*Guess it doesn’t affects much* Have a good read ahead!

With all that feminism and women empowerment stuff in our head , we often forget why women is the center of this universe and equally important as men , and vice versa! Both are  supplementary to each other and that’s called equality ! *never imagined this concept would be so easy to understand* . Often entangled in the vibes and statement of women empowering voices, there are certain things to which no one focuses. We need her for every other task , we love her endlessly , and no one can replace her place in our lives, *not forgetting the efforts of men* , let’s just  unanimously agree that she deserves the best. 

As you all know I have written one post for men as well ” This day is something we need for men!” Men’s day special (click here to open)  here’s a chance to glorify why the women is strong and happiest fellow. Nah Nah! Not going gaga over the upliftment from tribulations and hardships faced by community of women in the past centuries, but come on , I deeply feel the need to recall why we celebrate women’s day for awareness purposes *LOL , we still gotta do that stuff* . For the facts , just want you to know that International Women’s Day has been observed since in the early 1900’s . March 8 , International Women’s Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action – whatever that looks like globally at a local level. Step up and go take a bold action to change the life so women and girls out there. That’s all what this day is about and nothing about feminism and hypocrisy surrounding women supremacy. *you need to understand the core guys 🙂 * 

Women is stronger in their values and beliefs. The way they can handle and fight their emotions is commendable and exceptionally phenomenal as compared to stressful life they lead. Physical tortures they go through *talking about few days , you girls got me right 😉 * and still smiling to face the challenges needs so much strong soul and strength ,I tell you !! *three cheers for that* Obviously people could not understand other’s struggles but women is the one who welcomes you to your family, your happiness and supports you unconditionally towards your difficult journey called life, *and doing it flawlessly is a struggle we are unknown of* For all the women out reading this , I genuinely want to tell you that you deserve to be happy and pampered , even if it’s on your own. Forget about the clashes in your lives, the moments of grief, some really ugly situations , problematic work schedules or troubled households , you wanna make sure you’re happy to stay and tackle the situations in the right way ! So here’s something you can adopt –

  1. Eating healthy and being foodie at the same time – Some people are fond of food *HINT: me* and to an extend that they forget they are gaining bad fat and bad eating routine .*HINT : not me *  But what you can do to balance it is that eat as much as healthy you can with different flavours and spices. Eating salads , sandwiches , fruit salads ,flavored yogurt, oats and green veggies with mixture of spices and herbs isn’t bad as it sounds, also it imparts a healthy glow and right weight to your body.
  2. Drink a lot of water –  it can be in the form of juices, shakes or smoothies , but drink fluids, it helps regulate every mechanism of body and you will never feel tired if you rightly hydrated.
  3. Sound sleep – sleep will help you get rid of your tiresome schedule and will prep you to face even more adventures of life. Adequate sleep help you stay alert and sharp and why not sleep if it can help enhance beauty ? *the beauty sleep concept mentioned right*
  4. Travel and know life – the best solution to find the fixes of one’s life problems is to travel and find one’s roots and soul . It really helps to rejuvenate the mind and to relax a bit .
  5. Shop – shopping doesn’t seem to be only a matter concerned with needs and expenditures. It lifts up your mood and what is the issue if you want to pamper yourself with some stuff you have wanted for a long time ?

This is easily adoptive by all the people in this universe though needed by women more .

Have a lovely day !! 

Lots of love ♥


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