Fixing the Trust

Hey guys!! I’m back with yet another new one ;). I have been working on so much for you these days, just to deliver you what you people have opted for. After writing for this long, it’s now my duty and responsibility to bring up the thoughts which matter to us the most. And what could possibly be more bothering in our lives than trusting people? Right?

Seriously, after a series of life-changing events, I have developed a sense of not trusting people even after having deep conversations with them. It’s been long since my friends have betrayed me, yet it’s not much of a happy story. I know this might be the same story as yours, but one thing I would like to tell you all is to believe people and that do not stop trusting people. Every person isn’t the same, liar doesn’t reside in every other human being. If you’ve ever been hurt by someone that doesn’t mean the whole world has to be punished. The same applies to me, the same applies to you as well. Trust, a word, that means a world to everyone. A source of reliability, a firm belief in someone. Trust means nothing but a faith in someone and something.

You know, trust defines love. And much more than that. Without trust, you can never have a happy relationship. With trust, you can even win a war. I have seen so many people having trust issues. Your past may be grey, but true love cannot be dark.

Love knows no limit to its endurance, no fading of its hope, it can outlast anything. it can still stand even when everything else has fallen. – Blaise Pascal

To trust is to love someone. Have you ever seen a child learning to walk holding the hands of parents? He trusts them that they won’t let him fall. Those cycling sessions when parents left the back of your cycle and you still thought that they were holding your back and you paddled through the road by yourself? That was trust. It’s ironic that we trust people even though we do not actually realize we trust them. We did when we are kids and lose the command is we grow up. I did that in childhood. And I am doing it now. I trust people a lot. But this tendency in me is mainly because I never broke someone’s trust . Trust is reflective. I think the trust issues and problems arising out of relationships is that people are convinced that everyone is going to betray them and this leaves them hopeless. Majorly because they have hurt someone before or have been a victim to someone else. People have established a thought that trust can easily be won and destroyed, and that’s what makes trust a sensitive issue amongst us all.

You should try to trust people, if that’s difficult then you can start from pretty situations. That helps in building strong communications and relations. Doubt is not necessary every time. Love is weakest when there are more doubts than trust, but its the strongest when we learn to love in spite of the doubts. The other name for trust issues is the insecurities. You never know half of the population might only be insecure about their own flaws and burdening the proof on others. An easy example of that can be a thief, who will always be insecure of his possessions. He will be in constant fear to lose what is not his.

Relationships fail because people take their own insecurities and try to twist them into their partner’s flaws. Let’s not assume that trust is only vital for the relation of the romantic genre. It can be husband-wife, siblings, mother-child, teacher-student, friendship, and so on.

The other side can be a situational past which could cause a problem.  Pain changes people, it makes them trust less, doubt more, and shut people out. But if you are true to yourself, you can still try to trust people.

Here I feel to insert an excerpt from a song, ” Jo Bhi mai” from the movie “Rockstar

“…. Maine yeh bhi socha hai aksar

(ENGLISH – I have thought it more than once)

Tu bhi main bhi sabhi hai sheeshe

(ENGLISH- Me ,you, we all are like mirrors)

Khudhi ko hum sabhi mein dekhein….”

(ENGLISH- We all see ourselves in others)

It is the rule of nature that a human is created to behave what he most believes. He is created to see the whole world from his own eyes and thoughts. Thoughts he believe is true in his case. If I believe myself, I will think that the whole society might be just like me. A reflection of me. This is what makes people go crazy when they realize the other person has shown deflection of his own action. A cheater is a cheater because he deviated his actions away against someone. I do not even know if I can connect to you in a straight sense or not. But respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned.

Trusting someone is your decision. Proving you right is their decision. Don’t ever be ashamed of yourself upon trusting someone, because by that you did the right thing and they did the bad. Broken trust can also be regained, I have faced this and I know this. Trust me for once 🙂 ;)! So just go out and try to gain someone’s trust if you have lost it and forgive those who had left you baffled. For love is to be given not forced.

Be happy and stay true to yourself till the next time we meet! Stay tuned for more!

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