Don’t Run

While I was thinking about a title for this write-up, I thought I should not fancy something which would probably push you into giving second thoughts about its content. *coz I want readers obvio* So, I have decided that from now onwards, whatever it’ll be, I will try to maintain simplicity and consistency, so that at least of all, people can relate to what I am going to write. * oh my , the sense of care I showcase is brilliant* *just kidding you guys*

So here am I, again! Trapped in a messed up situation like ever, but *hurray this time* I’ve regained myself like a hero of my own story! *pun intended*( click to know more) Three cheers for me for that. I often end up thinking why I am always throwing myself into the puddles of emotions and reliving my memories again? hmm.. interesting fact, but helplessly I am caught up in this circle of life. A phase that everyone is forced to go through. Memories are not like as Deepika (in Ye Jawani hai Deewani) says it is “memories are like sweets, you can’t resist but eat more”. No, it’s definitely not like that. *maybe some times! * For me it’s more like a spider’s web, once you are caught, the way out is harder than it should be .*yeah ! I can deliver good lines too :D*

Sometimes, memories can be harder and tougher and rougher. When I rewind some phases, I usually get stuck up at a point when there was one person of my life for whom I would’ve taken a step, for whom I  should have tried to maintain a contact to not let them leave, but I did not. Neither did they. People are complicated, but so does decisions.  It’s not like I didn’t care enough, and neither I have regrets, the only anti-good feeling I get from that is the fact that everything has changed. People, bonds, meaning, values. I know so many other people who go through all this daily .*you guys, I can truly relate you know, you are brave people*  They regret being careless and not being able to cope with it they run from the feelings and things and situations and messes up everything. But hey! one question? Are you going to waste all this time in the past? One thing I believe is that “not all memories are meant to be remembered “, the only thing worth is to know that bad memories will never vanish into a black hole. It should be let off the mind. It’s so hard to let go of something you’ve had held in for a while or long, but acceptance, my friend, is the key.*note that damn thing*

Circle of life as  I mentioned, is the recurring phase until you get past it. Something doesn’t ever finish if you are wanting to revisit it again and again and again.* its only the third time that it really means that it is not a good thing* :P!! I don’t know if only I think it this way that these are good and positive memories which should be retained and others must be discarded. It gives a lot of strength to personalities and thought processes and obviously stability to a soul to survive.

Everyone creates their own memories, good or bad, there’s however no control. But people can walk-through the negative ones like a pro! Here’s a short simple guide to turn into a cool pro master situation-handler,*here we go*

  1. Do not let the problem or emotions or decisions or insecurities to take control over you, never!
  2. see if you need space or friends, do what you consider in your best interest.
  3. take your time and decide what’s right (Remember, anything which makes you regret later isn’t a good choice !) *golden advice*
  4. Recheck if you are doing the first step properly
  5. Don’t run, but face the problem or the person who creates a problem for you in your life.

Honestly speaking, it’s better to do a face-off early rather than waiting for the “thing” to come at your face at a later phase of life. This only ruins you. Were you expecting me to provide a mechanism for you to cope up with problems? Well, by this time you have created it yourself. It’s all there in your heart and probably I am not the first one to tell this to you. I mean we are with ourselves all the time and we know we have the courage to fight back. We don’t need anyone to keep ourselves happy but us. So, next time when you see there’s a huge problematic scenario ahead of you, just have faith and jump into the battlefield. There’s nothing more satisfying than returning like a winner. I did too. I faced the emotions I was afraid of. I saw myself getting hurt and injured by people’s actions. I saw the destruction within myself before I realized that all I ever needed was to accept the truth and go past it! A simple thing yet so ignored by each one of us. Always here to motivate all our beings!

Now, let’s just smile and give a moment to ourselves because we have earned it!  And till the next time we meet, keep rocking life and don’t let the life rock you! 

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Hi! I am Akriti , your Red September in this dimension. Lawyer by profession , academician and an optimist , I write about life and love. These stories depict different experiences I have encountered and at the same time , my ideas on how to live life in one's own way, wonderfully!

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