Do You Observe More ?

Hey guys ! We’ve got yet another day, another moment to be grateful about in our lives ! Being grateful lowkey makes me wonder about how we lack sufficient time to live the life to it’s full potential! We often hear people ranting that they got carried away by the pace of their day; they keep wondering how the day runs them instead of the other way round.

Keeping up with this in mind , we find comfort in external sources. It satiates our conscience and makes us feel at peace. We’ve began to be very appreciative about motivational quotes on social media posts. Like yeah ! That is very ideal to be followed. But how many of us do inculcate it into our habits? Ok! So, I know that we all have our set of values and beliefs on what we should do or don’t. Something might be doable for one person and opposed by some other. Fair enough. We don’t necessarily have to agree to everything everyone says.

But isn’t it true that we are constantly living in our future or past and forgetting to enjoy our present times? Ofcourse when I say we are enjoying, it means that we are conscious and present in the moment which is before us. We should ask whether we are doing things to get done with them or to enjoy them?

The point I’m trying to make is that the life we live and life we aspire are limited by our own thoughts. We limit ourselves. We let our past or future dictate our present. The regrets of what has already happened or worried for what lies there to be unfold easily bothers us. We neglect what is at our hands, “now”.

The life is growing and we are unaware. There’s so much to life, to feel good about everything rather than being stiff in our ideas and notions . There is so much going on around the Universe that what we experience is maybe a millionth part of the moment. Evolution happens every nanosecond. We grow, the cell in our body, even the miniscule one, breathes, multiplies and reproduce every second. Everything is working , it’s only us who do not realise.

For a very quick example , I would like you to think what number of people did you met today. That’s the number of people you inspire and connect to. That’s the number of people whose life you affect. You must have learnt something (atleast one, yes?) from your connections today. Either be it their generosity or the kind forgiving behaviour, or it might just be that they enjoy their lives more than you !

We all have people in our lives who does not give in to the pressure and nevertheless enjoy their lives to the fullest. The thing being , that they remain in present . They want the first-hand experience all the beautiful moments which the life has to offer. They don’t want to regret the moment gone only wanting to experience the beauty of the space they’re in. Being perfectly happy and content.

So, about the limiting thoughts, should we be worried ? It seems so. We grow and learn new stuff each passing day. Rather than worrying about the future or living constantly in the past, try being in the present by observing what is happening around you . It so often happens to us that we tend to forget what action or word we’ve said a second ago. We keep rechecking if we’ve locked the car, or whether we’ve turned the lights off, or if we’ve locked the door securely while leaving home. That happens when you’re distracted by your own mind, and not living in the present.

Embrace the time and life. Observe what the texture of the bed sheet is , focus on what the other people are carrying around with themselves, how their mood is, observe how the air travels within your body when you breathe, it miraculously teaches you to remain exactly where you are. This way, you’ll feel in control of the day you’re in. You’ll live more consciously in today, still and calm!

I believe you’ll definitely give a thought about it now! Awaiting your responses!❤️ Until the next time!

Yours, Red September

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Hi! I am Akriti , your Red September in this dimension. Lawyer by profession , academician and an optimist , I write about life and love. These stories depict different experiences I have encountered and at the same time , my ideas on how to live life in one's own way, wonderfully!

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