People are closer than they appear

Hey everyone! Before you pay a read, I just want you to remember all the laughter you’ve had with the dearest and closest people around you; the rolling on the floor moments, happiness and peace it came with.

We keep living our lives on repeat , daily. Seldom it falls on us that we are creating a past we will remember. I look at my past and there I can see various instances where I was the happiest. You know ! We can always remind ourselves how great our lives has been till today and it surely is gonna be the same in the future.

We live in abundance when our loved ones are close but what about the time when they are gone? It will be insensitive to say that we should be practical in such situation and be at peace however, it might soothe you to know that they don’t leave the physical world . The way they have left behind a legacy of thoughts and impressions on every life they touch , all the people will forever be inspired by those actions and memories.

They never leave us or do they ?

If someone truly loves you , their thoughts and soul will guide you at every step. You’ll feel all the loved people around you , even the living ones. Has it ever happened to you that you feel someone is around you? *Although not in a spooky way for sure !* You feel their thoughts affecting you , you feel their love and warmth. To your surprise , it can even be 24X7 . Yes! it happens.

Spiritual practitioners believes that all the people who love each other and their souls are connected in another dimension. And this is how you are able to feel them besides you. Strange , is it ? Those loved souls are communicating to you when you dream of someone telling you something that has nothing to do with your waking life or when you get inspired about something!

Has it happened to you that you think about someone and wonder how great would it be we meet or talk over phone someday and then they call you or you meet them somewhere? It is because when you think about someone you communicate to their soul too. That soul of yours stay connected to them , and it happens naturally when you love them or they love you .

I am content and happy in my life today. So much so that I am in abundant of it . My grandfather has appeared many a times in my dreams helping me decide which path should I walk on. It was sooo real that i know it was him. I even feel the presence of my friends near me , them accompanying me in all what I do. It feels that we do stuff together all the time.

I might appear eccentric to you but not if you’ve experienced it yourself. I have dreams in which I receive their subconcious messages and experience moments which feels so true that even my senses know I’ve felt them . So instead of denying them I’ve accepted that all of this has been true in some dimension; if not this.

And its just that it feels so great sometimes to know that your loved ones are always there in dark and bright moments of your life . Who knows your friends or family also feels your presence beside them all the time ?

I would really like to know your experiences ! Comment down below ! Thank you for the read !! Will be back very soon !

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Grateful to you , Red September !

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Hi! I am Akriti , your Red September in this dimension. Lawyer by profession , academician and an optimist , I write about life and love. These stories depict different experiences I have encountered and at the same time , my ideas on how to live life in one's own way, wonderfully!

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