A lost friend

I honestly didn’t knew how to start with this one. Things have been difficult and then nostalgia cornered me.
I never had the feeling that my life has been complete without my friends. The reason behind this had been her, my first friend I could really tag with “best friend forever”.
So, how about letting you know about a person with whom I discussed every firsts. From first crush to heartbreak to first stupid decision to first victory. With whom you had spend endless dusks chatting, with whom you had studied and the person who won the trust of your parents.
Lucky are the people whose friends stay close. She is the one who has repaired my cycle on the way to school, a friend who took my leave applications to the class teacher and taught me manners and etiquette and morals. “She is my childhood.”
We had completed each other’s homework, shared every masala gossips of classmates and beyond and those ultimate secrets *which sadly we could no more remember !!*
I couldn’t really express the special feeling when you and your friend lives in the same locality, travel to school everyday together for over a decade. Those times when we used to write down lyrics of each other’s favorite songs ! LOL ! Embarrassments, but it was fun !
We basically switched schools together but this time we ended up in different classes. And this was the time when things started to mess up .
Let’s come back to the present, I had met her a few days ago. And being around her brought all the missing pieces back to life. It soothed my senses.

I saw my whole childhood dancing in front of me when she smiled at me. There was a warmth in the hug we shared. It felt to me like a sunny morning in a cold winter day. I think a sense of familiarity and security associated with a person never truly leaves you. Relations ends out of intention and desperation. But it stands true too, “bhula der se ghar aye to usey bhula nahi kehte“. But I am glad I still have the people in my life who had made me generous, kind, helpful, made me understand life and help me distinguish good from bad .
Nearly 17 years now, Deepannita, I hope we remain friends till our deaths for you to tell sagas of my stupidity, embarrassing and bad judgements to my grandchildren! XD *FYI , there are many! hahaha*
PS: I regret not having remembered Bengali, with which I would have been able to appear for West Bengal judicial services too! *So bad!*

I have never written a “my best friend” essay in my life time so maybe this was the time for it to be written. So guys, who is your childhood bestie? Do you talk to them? Do you think they might be missing you already? Ping them up! 🙂 <3


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