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About BeingAware

We aim to help spread awareness related to a lot of unknown facts and experience important for us to grow and learn. We envision to invest in today’s youth to elevate intelligence and personal growth which will help in upgrading and nurturing their predominant skill and talent.

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Our Team

Deepanshu Sinha

Deepanshu Sinha

Head of the platform

A techie all-rounder, a startup geek, and currently working in Bangalore. He finds himself intrigued by a variety of cultures and targets to build a community of people who inspire and help others. He specializes in converting ideas into a product and the idea of this platform comes from this genius mind.

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Ranjith Gupta

Co-Head/Platform DesigneR

A software engineer and currently working in one of MNC company in Bangalore. He is a quick Learner, Dedicated, and Hardworking with a positive attitude towards his work. He is very much passionate in learning new things about Technology.

Akriti Daksh

Managing Director

A  learner and dreamer. She’s Masters of Law by profession and creative by nature and love doing things with thoughts and passion. A no-nonsense person, she is a helper and keeps laughing at one thing or the other even at work! She feels extremely grateful to be able to work towards a social cause with such a fabulous team.


Kiran N

SEO Manager

A specialist at SEO and has 3+ years of experience in blogging and using WordPress for content management and SEO. He has worked in digital marketing for two years as an independent consultant, social media strategist, and online review management support specialist. He enjoys cricket, loves writing and spending time in agricultural work.

Riya Dubey


A free spirited girl who loves to share and reveal the ultimate truths and joys of life through her words. She is an aspiring writer and an amiable person who looks forward to create awareness about life and heal people with her writings throughout the World.

Shreya Garg

Shreya Garg


An engineer can’t just be an Engineer, and here she is exploring every field which caught her attention, be it storytelling, writing, painting, coding, or marketing. Basically Jack of all trades, master of some. She believes in trying and failing at everything rather than leaving and regretting later! Aims to be known as the person who could ace anything which she put her hands on.


Neha Ambasta


A software engineer by profession, she is also a public speaker and a blogger aiming to live the life to it’s fullest. She likes to share knowledge and return back to the community whatever is possible.


Piyusha Sinha


MBA aspirant, content contributor, and a self-propelled individual. She cheerfully share her insight into stock trading. Stay tuned for the tips identified with market exchange. Her most loved statement is “The delightful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you.”


Sanket Unche


A boy with free flying mind who does not want to restrict himself in any boundaries. Loves sharing his experiences in travelling and explorations through his writings.

Sandeep Gupta

Sandeep Gupta


A finance and Tax professional, founder of SGR Consultancy. He has also worked with MNC. He always keen to learn new more things. Having expertise in accounting, finance, and taxation He has served many more clients in their business. Apart from his professional field, He also has an interest in crafting, restoring, and recycling old things and making them useful products. He is a good learner and makes people learn and improve their skills in his leadership.

Nishu Singh


It’s not about me, its about US, this has always been my thought. I am like you, a person of own mind, thoughts, values, commitments, choice and VOICE. So proud that all these adjectives are for me but unfortunately i hear every single person telling me that i am SUPPOSED to be some one else, this CANNOT be me; not even a single person has ever said that its right to be YOU but rather being different from crowd, not following the standard norms of the society is being rebellious. I write to express what I, WE, face every moment when we smile . I write to tell that there is more into US that you cannot achieve and worth to know.

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