LAXMI AGARWAL – An Acid Attack Survivor

Laxmi agarwal - face of courage

Beauty is not in a face, Beauty is a light in the heart.!

Khalil Gibran

A Real Life SHE-HERO Laxmi Agarwal, a girl with a brave heart fighting against the vultures in the society. She has put out her voice strongly against the nefarious activities in the organized society. Agarwal with her strong determination and courage has proven the myth “That, the girls’ beauty is what they look like” Wrong.

An Acid Attack Survivor, a speaker, a campaigner for #STOPACIDATTACK, and an International Award Winners of the US State Department’s International Women of Courage Award in 2014 (First Lady, Michelle Obama presented it).

Incident place -Tughlag Road

Laxmi Agarwal- Face Of Courage

Laxmi’s Statement in Tedx – He Changed My Face not My Heart

At 10:45 am, Apr-21-2005 the time that has changed the entire meaning of the life for our fighter Laxmi(15yr old). She has been attacked by Nadeem Syed, one of the friends of his elder brother. Accompanied by his two companions in the Tughlag road. She was off to her music class as like the other days. When he(Nadeem) came and threw the acid on her Face for rejecting his advances twice or more. “Acid doesn’t just burn the face but burns the dreams out of the person“. Before laxmi could feel anything, she felt from the sidewalk and got hit by 3-vehicles passing by her.


Ms Agarwal went against a lot of the pain and many surgeries in the span of the 10 years. Her mental health also gets affected. But she never let the warrior spirit go. She was determined that she will fight for her justice and will put the lawbreakers behind the bars. She fought against the law for justice and for many of those out there. Many Acid victims follow her determination, built courage and took up the challenge to stand back on their feet again.

Laxmi Agarwal bounced back and Filed PIL

She filed a PIL, seeking a new law or amendment in the present law. It will deal with this heinous crime, besides asking to give compensation. With the petition signed by 27000 signatures, she was appealing for the total ban of acid in the entire country. Due to an increase in the number of acid attack crime rate. And, finally, in 2013, Laxmi’s struggle paid off after the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Laxmi and Rupa’s(Other Acid Victim) plea, thereby creating a fresh set of restrictions on the sale of acid. Laxmi, along with her Companion(survivors), started a hunger strike demanding immediate justice and revival for acid attack survivors.

International Women Of Courage Awards – U.S. State Department

Under the new regulations, acid could not be sold to any individual, below 18 years of the age. In addition, One has to present a photo identity card before buying acid. Despite all the regulations, not much has changed on the ground, Acid was freely available in shops. Laxmi’s volunteers have gone and purchased acid easily. In fact, she said that she herself has purchased acid”. Their team launched a new initiative called ‘Shoot Acid’. By means of the Right To Information Act, they tried to acquire data regarding the sale of acid in every district. They intended to present the information collected through this initiative before the Supreme Court, to enlighten them of the situation on the ground.

Laxmi’s Unstoppable Actions

After fighting the huddles and coming so long in her life, she has decided to continue the fight against the injustice and making her campaign the globe wide recognizable, She is also running her NGO Chhanv Foundation, being an acid attack survivor she is not just fighting for herself but have become a hope for those acid attack victims and their world.

In 2014, Laxmi has found the love and support for her in the name Alok Dixit (Husband) and her world in her daughter.

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